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Swaran Ghar 28th July 2022 Episode starts with Mrs. Gupta asking Swaran to clean her hand and get hot water for Nimmo. She apologizes to Nimmo and says Swaran has no manners. Swaran cries and recalls Nimmo.

She thinks of Bebe and Yug. Arjun’s sister Rajeshwari comes in the kitty party. Mrs. Gupta asks Swaran to get orange juice. Swaran thinks its not the time to lose, just do the work, take the money and leave. She washes her face. She takes the orange juice. Rajeshwari sees Swaran and gets angry.

She asks why did you call her here. Mrs. Gupta says she is a cook. Rajeshwari says so you are a servant. She asks Mrs. Gupta to ask Swaran to leave. Mrs. Gupta asks Swaran to leave. Swaran says I will go, give me my money. Mrs.

Gupta says you broke my German crockery set, will you pay for it. Swaran says I have made the food and worked here. Mrs. Gupta says you have put stone in the food, you are asking money, just get out. Nimmo makes a video to show to Kiran.

Swaran asks for the money. Mrs. Gupta asks shall I call the police. Swaran goes to the door and cries. She shuts the door and bolts it. Nimmo says she has become Amitabh of Deewar movie. Swaran stands at the door, and says now we all will go when this door opens, it will open when police comes here. She asks Mrs.

Gupta to call the police. She asks Nimmo to make the video well and record everything. She says I came here to do the work, I made the food, and now I want my money. Mrs. Gupta gets angry. Rajeshwari says I will call the commissioner, such poor people don’t understand. Swaran says those people are poor who make someone work and don’t pay for it, call the police, give me my money for my hardwork.

Mrs. Gupta asks what about the loss of 50000rs. Swaran says I didn’t break it. Rajeshwari asks for the proof. Swaran says Mrs. Gupta said she has a cctv camera in the kitchen, we will let the police see and tell everyone that I didn’t do anything, her son has broken the set.

Nimmo asks what about the stone in paneer. Swaran says I have kept that spit paneer in the kitchen, police will check it. Mrs. Gupta says she is threatening us of police. Nimmo says she is a stubborn lady. Swaran scolds her. She says I m talking about my hardwork earnings, I won’t run away, I will take my right and go.

She asks Mrs. Gupta to give her money. Rajeshwari gives her money and asks her to go. Swaran asks why should I take money from you, I will take it from one for whom I worked. Mrs. Gupta gives her the money. She asks Swaran to get out. Swaran gets the spit paneer to Nimmo. Nimmo throws it down.

Swaran says I had taken my rightful money that day also, I hope your brother is fine now. She leaves. She cries. She says I have snatched my right today without getting afraid. Arjun comes there. He hears Rajeshwari shouting. Nimmo says forget it, I joined the kitty today. Rajeshwari says I saw this suit in the wholesale market. She jokes on Nimmo. She sees Arjun. Arjun says you get after anyone just like that.

Rajeshwari says I wanted to show her right place, she behaved like she is a queen, she was cooking food here. Arjun asks what, was is the same woman who saved my life. Rajeshwari says yes. He asks where did she go. He runs out to see Swaran. Swaran hires an auto rickshaw and leaves.

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Telecast Date:28th July 2022
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