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Swaran Ghar 25th May 2022 Episode starts with everyone asking for Ajit. Swaran sits sad. Nakul and Yug see her. Yug asks are you fine. Swaran says yes. Ajit recalls everything. He says I should have not done that, what I m feeling is also wrong. Vikram calls Kiran and says I will enter Swaran house now and then end this.

Kiran says I will see you there. Swaran says Kanwal used to take me to Gurudwara every year. Aarav says Ajit will take you there, Kanwal has become a star now. She asks him to come along. Nakul smiles.

The officials make the customers and staff out of the dhaba. Ajit is on the way to the dhaba. Swaran says Kanwal and I understood each other a lot in last few years, he gave me a lot of happiness, I feel the same today, we will cut the cake. Amber thinks Ajit didn’t come till now. She says we will wait for some time.

Vikram comes with Kiran and says thank you all for waiting. Vikram says Nakul and Yug couldn’t wait for me, I have come to wish mum, by leaving all my work. He wishes Swaran. She smiles happily. Kiran says we will celebrate like a complete family, I know I have done many mistakes, forgive me, please, I want everything to get better. Vikram says we will cut the cake and then give you a special gift.

Ajit comes to the dhaba. He sees the dhaba sealed. He argues with the officials. He asks them to say what’s wrong. He gets a call and says I m coming. He asks Sukhi did he pack the food. Sukhi says they didn’t let me go inside. Ajit says I have to send the bhandara food to my daughter’s Sasural. Officer says I can get you arrested for this. Ajit says its my dhaba, nobody can stop me.

He goes and packs the tiffin for Divi. The oil box falls down. The cloth is kept near the stove. Swaran cuts the cake. Everyone sings a song for her. Vikram thinks of the gift. The fire spreads in the dhaba kitchen. Swaran gets hurt by the candle flame. Ajit falls back when the cylinder blasts in the dhaba. The dhaba gets ruined in the fire. Everyone is shocked. Vikram gives the gift to Swaran.

Kiran asks Swaran to see the gift once. Vikram says yes, its special gift for you. Swaran takes the greeting card in her hand. She doesn’t see the pic inside. Amber says its Ajit uncle’s call. She answers and asks why were you not answering. She asks what…. She says a blast happened in the dhaba. Everyone gets shocked. Swaran leaves the card and runs out. Everyone runs outside.

Vikram says I didn’t plan the blast. Kiran says I m scared that you will get blamed for this, and I will be caught too. She asks Nakul to come, Aarav is worried. Swaran and the girls come to the dhaba. Swaran asks is anyone inside, Ajit…

She calls out Ajit. She asks the man is Ajit inside. The man says I don’t know. Swaran goes to ask Sukhi. Sukhi is also injured. He gets treated. He says blast happened. She asks Ajit? He says he is inside. They all get shocked.

Swaran says Ajit is my friend, bring him out, get aside. Police stops them. Swaran asks them to move. She runs inside the dhaba. Yug comes there and asks where is mumma. Micky says she went inside. Swaran sees the burning dhaba. She shouts Ajit. She looks for Ajit. She recalls her words and cries.

She shouts Ajit. She prays for him. She hears some sound. Ajit tries to move. She sees the bricks moving. She sees his wounded hand. She runs to him. Yug says my mumma is inside, let me go. Swaran says don’t worry Ajit, you will be fine.

She tries hard to move the pillar. She says I got caught in this way while playing hide and seek, I was crying when you came, nothing will happen to you. She cries and asks him not to lose courage. The girls come to help her. They all try to move the pillar. Swaran moves off the bricks. She sees Ajit stuck under the debris.

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Telecast Date:25th May 2022
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