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Swaran asks why. He says its not safe for you all to stay alone. She says I have stayed here all my life, I didn’t need any help to find Ginni, I don’t need your help. Ajit says the locality people were ousting you. Swaran says everyone thinks that a girl shouldn’t go out alone, a wife can go for a job, but then someone will be accompanying her,

I want to manage all this alone, I don’t want to depend on anyone. Amber claps for her speech. Ajit asks them to lock the door of the rooms. Swaran says you don’t tell them what to do, I m here to handle them, just go. Ajit goes. Swaran asks them to not worry and go to sleep.

Ginni says you got me to the mad house. Micky asks her to shut up. Swaran gets badam milk for them. Micky thanks them. Ginni taunts her on her son’s mistake. Swaran says I would have explained the same to my sons, I will punish you next time if you do this, I m your Nani. Micky laughs. Swaran asks Ginni to say the truth right now if she wants her to come to school. She says I will sit here all life until you say sorry.

Ginni says sorry. Swaran says say sorry to mumma. Ginni says sorry. Swaran says its okay for now. She asks Micky to keep any light on at night, Ginni is scared of darkness. Micky thanks her. She says we are safe here, we will never leave Swaran ghar. Swaran cries and thanks her. Yug says producer called me for look test.

Vikram asks him to just go. Nakul says I can’t cancel my ticket, its worth one lakh. Nimmo asks what. Vikram says I have talked to my new lawyer, Khanna, we found a way that there was a connection with Ajit and Swaran, when Kanwal was alive, it wasn’t proved before.

Swaran gets a ring there and says Vikram…. She recalls Ginni’s words. Ajit comes and says sorry. She says I know you care for us. Ajit says yes, I want to sleep inside the house, there are mosquitoes outside, Sukhi gave my luggage. She says I thought you have understood. He says person chooses a friend and makes a relation on own, Vikram had came here, he had removed the main fuse, I don’t know why,

I can’t leave you alone and go, you can keep your responsibility for your three daughters, if I sleep outside, then the locality will comment something. She says they will say when they know you stayed inside. He says give me the keys. She refuses. He says I will break the lock. Yug and Vikram argue. Yug says we did wrong, we can’t prove her character wrong, Nakul is also feeling sorry, right. Vikram asks Nakul to say.

Nakul says I can’t decide what is right and what is wrong. Kiran says we should find some proof. Yug says we can’t do this against mum. Swaran comes there. Nimmo says she has come to talk. Swaran gives the ring. She says it was fallen there.

Nimmo says you lost it on tervi day. Swaran says there is nothing to give you, there is no money, property or forgiveness, I won’t bend down in front of anyone. Vikram says I will prove it, I will cross all my limits. Ajit opens the door. She says whoever will come inside Swaran house now will ask me first.

Swaran makes the breakfast. She asks Neelu to call everyone. Neelu takes tea for Ajit. Ajit says I m going to my dhaba, Swaran will scold me. She asks him to have tea. He drinks the tea. Swaran hears him and goes to catch him. She says we don’t need a man here. Ajit says I m telling you whatever you will tell me now. He jokes. He says you don’t know to care. Swaran says stop joking. She says I don’t want you to guard me. Ajit says if anything happens to you and your daughters then…

He laughs and asks her to clean the flour off her face. She says its enough. Nehmat comes. Swaran asks Ajit to go. Nehmat says Ajit can stay here as a guardian. Ajit says Kanwal ji, your daughter Nehmat has come, I m the guardian. Amber jokes and calls Swaran as Anjali. She says you and Ajit look like Rahul and Anjali to me,

SRK and Kajol. Swaran gives tiffin to them. Ajit says I m getting late for the dhaba. He goes. Swaran asks Amber to message her when she reaches the office. Micky says if Ginni wins the scholarship, then everything will be fine. Swaran goes to look for Ajit. She says he said he is going to dhaba. She sees Ajit’s family pic there. She says I will talk to his family and see.

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