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Swaran Ghar 23rd November 2022 Episode starts with Balli threatening Swaran. He asks won’t you ask about your lover. She asks what, Ajit. He says this time, I have not spared him, I killed him. She gets shocked. She cries. He says I will kill Chandni today, her story will end. Saroj nods. Swaran prays for some miracle.

Someone drops the smoke bomb. Ajit comes there and takes Swaran aside. Police looks for her. Swaran cries seeing Ajit. Police inspector says she might have gone in the bus. He follows the bus. Swaran asks are you fine.

He says yes, Balli had nearly killed me, someone saved my life. FB shows Vikram finding Ajit and saving his life. She asks did Vikram save you. He nods. He says Chandni told me that you are here, so I came to help you, I knew she was Chandni.

He says we can’t go home, Balli is there. Swaran takes his phone and calls Chandni. She says don’t go home, Balli got to know about you, just leave. Chandni asks what. Balli says let her come, I will kill her. He hears some sound and opens the door. He says there is no one here, why do women take so much time. Swaran gives the potli to Chandni. Chandni says you bought me by returning this potli, tell me, what shall I do. Swaran says I will not leave Balli. Chandni says he is disgusting.

Swaran says we both can’t become like him, I left Ajit at home, go to him and stay there as Swaran, I can’t lose him. Chandni says you can’t face him alone. Swaran asks why can’t I when you can, I got courage from you. Chandni asks her to keep the dagger. Swaran says now I will go to Balli as Chandni.

She comes home. She calls out Balli and jokes. The doors get shut. Balli sings O meri Chandni. He asks are you Swaran in Chandni’s disguise. She says stop nonsense, I m Chandni. He says I will kill you and then go to kill Nakul in the hospital, I will show that video to Swaran. Swaran says don’t you dare. He says you are Swaran, my wife, just a mum can worry for son so much. She says yes, I m Swaran.

He says you can’t do anything. Ajit wakes up and calls out Swaran. He asks where is Swaran. Chandni says I m here. Ajit says no, Balli will kill her. Jai says you can’t go there. Ajit says you can’t become Swaran, I have to go to her. Swaran scolds Balli. She says Kanwal made this house by his hardwork, your dad did wrong, you chose the wrong path to get your rights, you have cheated us.

He catches her and says you can’t harm me. She says even you can’t harm me, Nakul is fine, Ajit is also alive, Vikram saved his life. He asks what, is he alive. She says yes, he is a good man, I freed Chandni also, I will save this house from you. He catches her neck. She beats him and says I m enough to deal with you. Saroj comes and says leave my son, I will see you. Balli makes Swaran fall.

He goes to stab her and says you have to go now. Someone comes and hits on his head. Balli falls down. Vikram sees Swaran. Ajit comes in. The lights get on. He checks Swaran. Saroj checks Balli. Ajit asks are you fine. Saroj asks Balli to get up. Vikram shouts on Balli. Swaran sees Vikram. She faints in Ajit’s lap. Ajit shouts Swaran.

Swaran gets treated. Bebe, Nakul and everyone take care of her. Swaran sees the police. Inspector asks who has hit Balli’s head. Swaran recalls Vikram and says I have hit him. Vikram says she is lying, Balli attacked her with a knife, I have done what every son will do to save his mum, I took a rod and hit on his head. She says no. He says let me say the truth and do something good for the first time in life, I did much wrong with Ajit, let me rectify my mistake.

She says no. He says you always wanted me to choose the right path, I did that, I m going to jail but I have come back to you always. Vikram gets arrested. After 6 months, everyone is partying at home. Swaran asks Neelu to get the cake. Divya asks who will sing. Swaran says one who plays the piano will sing. Divya says I will see my dad when I open my eyes on my birthday.

Ajit says yes, sure. Neelu gets the cake. Nakul comes downstairs. He says mummy… Swaran says I m standing in front of you, open your eyes. He opens eyes and smiles. She blesses him. He hugs Swaran and Ajit. Yug says its Vikram’s call. Vikram wishes Nakul and asks did you see mummy’s face. She says we are missing you a lot. He says we will sing together. She says not now, we are waiting for a special guest.

Chandni comes. Swaran says I m so pleased to meet you. They hug. Swaran thanks her for helping her so much and encouraging her. Chandni says I got free from my inlaws and the theft blame, thanks to you. Ajit plays the piano and sings. Swaran and everyone smile.

Nakul cuts the cake. She feeds the cake to everyone. Vikram asks what’s the special menu. Swaran says whatever you all like. She names the dishes and says I will get it for you. He nods. Jai says we will take a family pic.

After 18 years, old Swaran and Ajit see the family pic. They recall their teenage years, and smile. He gives the tea cup to her. She pours the tea in the saucer and hands it over to him. He drinks it, making noise. She laughs recalling the old times. They smile. Dil ko teri hai zaruratein…plays…

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