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Swaran Ghar 22nd November 2022  Episode starts with Saroj asking what, is Ajit alive. Balli says yes, Swaran knew this, I will kill her and her lover, but firstly… She says we have to get this house on our name. Swaran writes a letter in the lockup. Chandni comes to meet her. She asks for her potli.

Swaran says sorry, I wanted police to think I m Chandni. Chandni asks why did you save me, I m a thief. Swaran says you aren’t a thief, but a true hearted person. Chandni says my husband and inlaws snatched everything from me, my parents gave me jewellery, I have taken all my jewellery and ran away, they think I m a thief, the jewellery is in the potli, I m not a thief,

I got what belonged to me, I can do anything for my mum. Swaran says I can do anything for my kids, I understand your pain. Chandni asks her not to cry. She says I will help you, get my potli back. Swaran says I will get it, you have to do one work, read this letter for Ajit, I wanted to tell him a lot, but I couldn’t tell him. Chandni nods. Swaran thanks her. Jai takes care of Ajit.

Chandni comes and asks how is Ajit. Jai says he is better, I have to go out, take care of him. He leaves. Chandni reads the letter. She says our relation is special, my kids are my life, I m connected to you, we can never get separated, maybe we will complete by staying incomplete.

She cries and says this letter has your love in it, I heard miracles happen in love stories. She thinks I m Swaran for Ajit. Yug comes and asks what are you doing here. Chandni says your mum has…. Yug asks did you force her, I can’t see her in jail. She says she went to jail by her wish. He says I just care for her, come with me and tell them that you are Chandni.

She says I won’t go, until Swaran fulfills the promise. Ajit opens eyes and thinks I knew it, you aren’t Swaran, you proved it. Swaran starts coughing and asks for water. Swaran takes the keys from constable. Chandni sees Ajit missing. She calls him out. She runs to see. She says he would have gone to Swaran, what shall I do.

Ajit sits tired and says Swaran… I will not leave Balli. Balli is on call. He says once my work is done, I will get Swaran’s family on the road, I will kill Ajit, I will see who comes to save Swaran. Ajit comes and scolds him. Swaran sees the staff away and unlocks the lockup door. She recalls Chandni’s potli kept in the cupboard.

She goes and finds the keys. She gets Chandni’s potli. She sees the staff coming. She runs. Constable looks on. Ajit asks how dare you do this, you thought I won’t come back. Balli says Swaran is my wife. Ajit says she isn’t your wife. They fight.

Balli hits Ajit’s head with a brick. Ajit falls down. Balli leaves. Swaran hides the potli. Constable gives her prasad and says you will be going to jail tomorrow. Saroj misses to see Chandni’s news. Balli comes and says I killed Ajit, no one will save Swaran now. Saroj asks if police catches you then…

Registrar comes and says police will come, because the signatures on these papers are fake, you can’t get the house on your name. Saroj asks what’s happening. Registrar says you got fooled. He keeps the file and goes.

Jai asks where did Ajit go. Chandni says he disappeared, don’t worry. Jai says dad is weak, if Balli does something to him, you will be responsible. She says he would have gone to Swaran. Balli and Saroj see the news. They get shocked. Saroj says there are two Swaran. Chandni comes home.

Saroj says she did fraud with us. Balli says I m happy, I saved your son, you gave this big house to me, right. Chandni says yes. He says this house is mine, and also everything. Chandni says yes. He says you are also mine now. She murmurs. She says I forgot to get the vegetables. She goes. Swaran says how shall I go out of here, I promised Chandni that I will give her the potli back. She asks can I make a call. Inspector says no, your file is getting ready.

Balli says that girl was Chandni, she has done this, she did the sign on property paper, Swaran is in jail. Saroj says yes, we will control her. Balli says no, they both played a game to save this house, we will play a move and get this house on our name. Bebe says I m not able to do anything.

Yug says yes, we will find Ajit, we have to tackle Chandni. Chandni hears this and goes. She gets angry and says they are trying to trouble me. Balli calls Swaran. Constable asks Swaran to talk. Balli says I know everything, you made your duplicate sign the papers to save the house, I have prepared to send your duplicate far from this world. Swaran is shocked.

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Telecast Date:22nd November 2022
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