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Swaran Ghar 21st November 2022 Episode starts with Balli asking Swaran why did you shift my mum’s stuff. Swaran says you should have someone to take care of you, Saroj’s bathroom flush isn’t working, her stomach was upset yesterday. Saroj says you had made my stomach upset. She says Balli, she added Jamaalgota in my food. Bebe smiles. Swaran says I didn’t do this. Balli scolds her.

Saroj says I will slap her. He says she is scared of me. She says I will beat her else I won’t get peace. Doctor checks Ajit. Jai says he moved his hand yesterday. He says recovery is slow, but he will be fine. Jai smiles and sits with Ajit. He hugs and says get well soon, we need you a lot. Doctor gets Chandni’s pic and thinks police is finding her, does Jai know this, what’s happening. Swaran says you wanted to prove me mad in front of my son, he will see you. Chandni jokes.

Saroj asks what does she think of herself. Swaran comes and asks what happened, are you fine. Chandni and Bebe laugh. Saroj says you just went out, how did you come here. She goes out to Balli and says Swaran is here and there also. Chandni asks is everything fine, what happened. Saroj says no, this can’t happen. Balli calms her down. Saroj asks him to come and check the room. Swaran hides.

Saroj scolds Chandni. She says two Swaran are here. Chandni asks did you get drunk. Saroj says I m in all my senses, I will find her, where did she go. She asks Balli to check the cupboard. He says its empty cupboard, you got drunk, right. They leave. Swaran comes out of the cupboard. She asks Chandni to go now. Chandni says I will handle them. Swaran says Balli is doubting.

Chandni says he is doubting his mum, you go and meet Ajit, his health will get better, I m here, go. Swaran goes. Jai calls Swaran and says I have to go home for some time, I m keeping the keys near the flower pot. Swaran says fine, I m coming. She comes there and unlocks the door. Balli holds her hand and asks what are you doing here, its impossible to get saved from my sight, who is inside. She says nothing, come home. He says get away. He goes inside and sees Ajit.

She says don’t do anything to him. He says he is still alive, get away. He asks Ajit to get up. He hurts Swaran and says you cheated me and my mum. He suffocates her. Ajit hears her scream and gets conscious. Jai hanuman…plays… He stops Balli. Balli says you got up, leave me.

Ajit falls down the bed. Swaran worries. Balli says she will die today. He pushes Swaran away. Balli says leave me, I will show you. Ajit takes a brick and hits on Balli’s foot. Ajit picks a knife. Balli catches Swaran. He runs away. Swaran holds Ajit. She asks are you fine. She hugs him. He asks what was he doing here. She feeds him water. She calls Jai and says Ajit got fine, just come soon. Ajit asks about her sindoor.

He says I could hear Jai, Yug and your talks, but I was helpless. She says I m so happy that you got fine. She calls Chandni and asks her to leave from Swaran Ghar fast, meet her soon. Ajit says tell me everything, else I will come with you. She says you need rest, I will tell you later. Jai comes and cries happily. He hugs Ajit. Swaran says Yug is coming to take me, I have to go, take Ajit somewhere else,

Balli came here, he got to know everything. She leaves. Yug picks her. He asks what happened. She says Balli followed me and came here, Ajit got conscious, Balli wants to kill him. She prays. Jai talks to Divya. He says dad is sleeping now. Doctor comes there with police. He says I have seen this woman here. Inspector says Jai is taking care of his dad here. Jai says you are mistaken. Inspector says that woman is clever, she is a criminal, I hope you aren’t supporting her. Jai recalls Chandni and thinks to stay quiet.

Police goes. Jai says I didn’t think of this. He calls Swaran. Swaran asks how did Chandni agree for this, Nakul got fine, I could meet Ajit, she helped us, we have to help her. Jai says Swaran and Chandni are in danger. Swaran says if Chandni gets caught, then what will Balli do with her. Jai says my phone got off. He puts phone on charging. Jai says how shall I call Chandni and inform about the police.

Swaran says I know police is after Chandni, but she can’t be wrong, I will save her from police. Doctor informs Inspector about Chandni. Swaran and Yug come to meet Chandni at the lake. Chandni asks why did you call me, is Ajit fine. Swaran says Ajit is better, he stood up today, I called you here, Balli doubts us, he came after me to the pind, he got to know that Ajit is alive, he would be in anger, we have to be careful.

They see the police coming. Yug asks Chandni to go. Swaran takes some potli from Chandni and sends her to hide. Inspector says don’t try to run away. Swaran lies to save Chandni. Chandni worries. Swaran gets arrested. Inspector says you will be going to Rajasthan jail. Yug worries for Swaran. Chandni says what shall I do now…

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Telecast Date:21st November 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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