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Swaran Ghar 1st June 2022 Episode starts with Swaran hugging Kanwal’s shawl and crying. Neelu comes and asks what happened, did Vikram say anything. Swaran says Bebe couldn’t say anything, she disconnected the call, it’s a big pain for her,

Vikram is against me, he is filing a case against me, he may win, but what will he get, this house. Divi asks are you going to meet Swaran. Ajit says no, why will I go, she slapped you, you have done something that you are doubting others, Swaran did wrong, she should get punished, we will file a police complaint.

Divi worries. Neelu says parents can tolerate anything, but not children’s going away. Swaran says maybe that’s why Ajit believed Divi, because of this fear. She asks Neelu to go and do her work. She says Ajit will be hurt knowing Divi lied. Ajit says I will file a report. Divi says I didn’t feel bad. Jai and Ankita come.

Jai asks why do you look worried. Ajit says Swaran slapped Divi. Jai says I can’t believe this. Divi says filing report will be strange. Ajit says fine, come with me to Swaran ghar, I will make her apologize to you. She says don’t drag this. Jai asks why did you tell dad. Ajit asks Divi not to get scared, come. Divi says I don’t want to come.

Ajit asks why. She says because she didn’t slap me. She cries. Ajit says you showed me that video, you are scared and saying so. Divi says I have made that video in that way and edited it. Ankita says you lied. Ajit says I knew it, Divi’s left cheek was red in the hospital and now her red cheek, why did you do this.

Divi says I can’t see my share of love getting divided, that you care for someone else more than me. She hugs him and cries. He says you talk of love and care, you have doubt in your heart. Jai says yes, I also had questions before, but dad told me everything, I have no doubts now. Ajit says my family is everything. He takes Divi with me.

Micky talks to Neelima about one sided love, it’s a business, taking is not everything, giving is also imp, Swaran’s sons won’t understand this. She turns and sees Nakul. She goes. Nakul says if she can worry for Swaran so much, being a stranger, how can I leave mummy alone. He goes. Kiran looks on.

Ajit shows Kanwal’s letter, he left it before his death, he knew that his sons are useless, he won’t take care of Swaran. He reads Kanwal’s letter. Divi feels bad and cries. Ajit says I was there to keep my promise, shall I step back, tell me, should I leave her alone, should I not keep a friend’s duty, would you be proud of me, after Kanwal’s death, Swaran’s son broke her down,

I felt lucky that my children can never cheat me and leave me alone, it was just an illusion, I didn’t tolerate that you accused Swaran, I m hurt and ashamed. Divi says sorry. Ajit says sorry, I won’t go to Swaran ghar and help Swaran, I will do whatever you say, you tell me what to do, I will break the promise to Kanwal,

Swaran is my childhood friend, she wasn’t at fault, she heard the scolding, shall I leave her, or become Divi’s ideal father, who is a man of principles, tell me. Swaran worries and calls Bebe.

Her phone goes off. Swaran asks Neelu to put the phone on charging. She is about to get electrocuted. Nakul comes and stops her. He asks where is your focus, if anything happened to you then… She asks then. He says I would have not forgiven myself, I m sorry for my mistakes, your heart is really big, so I will apologize to you for my every mistake. He apologizes. She hugs him.

He says Bebe would have got upset with you. She says she couldn’t say anything. Nirmal asks why are you going to India. Bebe says I couldn’t talk to Swaran, but Vikram, I have to go, I m okay. Nirmal says we will talk to Swaran once. Bebe says I will go there and surprise everyone, especially Kanwal. Nirmal asks her to wait. Nakul says I just want my mummy, nothing else. Swaran says I m there.

He says I had become selfish and forgot your pain, now I m in pain and now I can see your pain. She asks what happened. He says I m sorry. She asks him to sit and have water, say what happened. He cries and says I lost my job, I don’t know what shall I do, I m breaking, just you can save me, but you aren’t with me. She says no, I m with you. She reminds how she made him realize his mistake.

She says I have done the same thing today, I can’t stay away from you three, love can never get less for you all. He says if I didn’t hear Kiran, then everything would have been fine. Vikram says let Swaran shed happiness tears with Nakul, her tears will be of sorrow now, I have planned something big. Kiran asks is it related with the court case. He says its more imp, lawyer is handling the court case. Yug hears this and goes to attend a call. Vikram says its related to mum’s life, it will be a blast. He laughs.

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Telecast Date:1st June 2022
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