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Swaran Ghar 19th May 2022 Episode starts with Ajit scolding Divi. Divi says I m your daughter, I m asking for an answer. He says there is a way to talk, everyone has seen how you are talking, Swaran could have got angry, but she is calm, she knows her manners, its not your mistake, its my mistake,

my upbringing is wrong, I have become your mum and dad, I wanted to become your friend, you didn’t understand your dad, so its my mistake, Swaran says right that we should try to become a friend for our children,

when the children cross the limits, then we should get distant, I love you a lot, you don’t know your dad, that your dad can never be wrong, I taught you that you can’t do anything wrong, you have thrown the love and blessings today, and ashamed me, I didn’t give you these values. Divi cries.

Ajit says go home, don’t ask anything, where I m staying and why, go home. The man gets the car and says the items are in the car dickey. Amber asks Divi did she get a proof. Divi says you got happy now, you wanted to snatch my dad. Swaran says no. Divi cries and leaves. Nakul also leaves.

Ajit apologizes to Swaran and leaves. Nakul comes home and hears Kiran and Nimmo. He asks what’s all this, it means you didn’t need any churan, it was a lie. Nimmo says no, I was really unwell. He calls Kiran a liar. He says you might have broken Ajit’s car and made Swaran and Ajit come home late, you don’t leave a chance to insult Swaran, congrats, it happened as you wanted, people are insulting her. He scolds Kiran and goes.

Swaran thinks of Divi’s words and gets sad. She drops the chana box. She sits there. Ajit comes. She says everything is shattering like my family, this is wrong, everyone is talking about us. He says you said you have a clean heart,

why do you care for the world. She says what happened with me, I won’t let it happen with you, what did Divi say that I m snatching you from her, I can’t tolerate this. He says I will talk to her. She says no, please don’t stay back now. He says fine, I will go, I promise, but listen to me once, it’s a new business, let it get set, let me help, when this business runs, I will go, until then don’t ask me to go.

She says I will handle it, will you go after the business gets set. He says sure, we both will put this back together. He leaves. Micky comes there and asks for water. She says you told that sometimes its not like it appears. Swaran says yes. Micky says Nakul was fighting with Divi before you came, he defended you, I know you are upset with Nakul, he cares for you. Ajit hears this.

He thinks Micky is praising Nakul, is Nakul planning against Swaran by fooling Micky. Its morning, Swaran opens the door and sees some girl. A girl says I m Kiran, I came to meet Swaran. Swaran says I m Swaran. Kiran asks for the cream. She asks did that Chudail come here. Sargun(Qismat 2 cast) says sorry, I had to come from the window, I want that cream, I heard it will bring glow on my face.

Both the girls argue. A man comes and says stop it now. They girls say he is my husband. Swaran asks what’s your story. Nehmat says we enjoyed their fight. Ajit jokes. He says we will give you two boxes of the cream.

He tells Swaran’s story to them. Sargun says we understood what to do. Both the girls go out to the veg stall and see Nimmo and Kiran. They fight for the cauliflower. Nimmo asks them not to fight and tell the matter. Sargun says you know what I did, I have given her pics in the newspaper, then she came and pulled my hair, she insulted me. She pulls Nimmo’s hair. They hurt Nimmo and Kiran.

Swaran looks on and says stop them. Micky says let it happen, they will learn some lesson. Vikram comes and asks what is happening here. The girls push him and do a drama. They teach a lesson to Vikram. Vikram shouts. Nirmal comes and slaps him. He says they are my wives, one who isn’t of his mum can’t be of anyone. Vikram sees Swaran. Swaran recalls his words. Nirmal asks his wives to come.

Sargun hugs Swaran and says we are glad to meet you, you can’t change your way, but we can change it. Swaran gives them the cream bottles. Nirmal leaves with his wives. Vikram says this didn’t happen well, its your birthday tomorrow, see the big surprise I give you. He looks at Swaran.

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Telecast Date:19th May 2022
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