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Swaran Ghar 18th May 2022 Episode starts with Swaran falling asleep. Ajit looks at her and recalls their old times. He smiles. They reach some place. Ajit stops the tractor and looks at Swaran. He recalls their similar moment of the past. He goes to wash his face.

Kiran says we got a free ticket of night show, make a seat for Nakul also, so that he comes back in our team, there will be a big drama, think of some plan. Kiran thinks. Nimmo says make tea for me, I will think of some plan. She prays.

Divi calls Ajit. She snatches his bag. She gets hurt. She scolds all of them. She says you will be accused for hitting me because of this wound. Neelu says it’s a lie. Divi says its real injury. Ajit wakes up Swaran by putting water on her face. He reminds their childhood. She asks which place is this.

He says we have to return the tractor to them, we will walk to home, come. She says I will get down. She gets down. Her foot gets a twist. She feels uneasy to walk. Ajit holds her and helps her walk. Nimmo says my mind is not working. Kiran gets a juice drink and says forget the tea, I have added your fav wine in this.

Nimmo drinks and goes to vomit. Kiran asks what happened, tell me. Nakul comes and asks what happened. Kiran says maybe she has food poisoning. Nakul says give her medicines. Kiran says I will go to Swaran and get the churan. Nakul says you can’t go there, I will go. He leaves. Kiran asks how did you like my plan. Nimmo says I was really dying. Ajit sees a boy sitting upset.

He asks what happened. The man says if the flowers don’t get sold off, then I won’t get a roti. Ajit buys all the flowers from him and pays the money. Swaran smiles. Ajit gives her the roses. She recalls Kanwal. She says I don’t want. Ajit says hold it at least, its not for you, I will give it to the girls. Divi says Swaran has the most benefit from Ajit, she is characterless. Nakul comes and says shut up,

how dare you say this. Divi says she is living with a stranger, get out. He says I will come in between if anyone tells about so about my mum, its Ajit’s mistake. She says he is my dad. He says Ajit has a benefit, so he stays here, I don’t stay here, go and ask your dad, he has brainwashed my mum and made the three sons go away, he is staying here to get free food. She says don’t say nonsense,

your mum would have done black magic on him, he broke the promise because of her. He says go and ask her. He asks Neelu where is mummy. Divi says you don’t even know about her, Swaran asked Ajit for help, if she has three sons then why would she need help, she asked help for her benefit. Ajit asks Swaran to be careful. He brings her home.

Ajit gets shocked seeing Divi. Swaran sees Nakul. Ajit recalls his promise to Divi. He says I know why you have come here, I will explain. Divi says we will talk in front of everyone. Ginni says you were talking in front of everyone since much time. Divi argues and gets angry. Ajit asks her to calm down.

Amber says talk with manners, sorry, she isn’t getting silent. Divi asks why are you saving this woman, you broke the promise. Nakul says I can’t tolerate her insult, enough. Swaran says many people already told a lot about me. She holds Divi. She says I don’t know what is happening, why are you angry, why did you come. Divi says I want my answers. Nehmat says she got Ajit’s stuff and said she will file a police case on us.

Divi says you also threatened me. She asks Ajit to answer. Swaran says I will give you answers, Ajit won’t talk in between. Nakul asks what’s the need. Swaran says I always kept silent thinking I m clean hearted, but the result was not good, so this time I will answer. She asks Divi to come.

She sits and asks her to ask what she wants to ask. Divi asks where were you all day. Swaran says Jalandhar wholesale market. Divi asks why. Swaran says I m starting a business, I went to get the items. Divi asks why did you take Ajit along. Swaran says I didn’t take him, he wanted to help, he is my childhood friend, the car broke down, we came back by a tractor by taking lift.

Divi asks why did he hold your hand and these flowers… Ajit says no need to answer. Swaran says I got hurt and couldn’t walk, and these flowers, Ajit has bought from a boy to pay him money. Divi asks about the bought items. Swaran says its in car dickey, you can check it when it comes. Divi says I don’t believe your stories, because a man and a woman can’t be friends.

Amber asks don’t you see movies, a man and a woman can be friends. Swaran says I agree with you, the world thinks so, I was explaining this to Ajit and asked him to go back home, you know him, he is so stubborn, my heart is clean, like glass, we have just one relation, that’s of friendship, we have never crossed our limits. Divi says he is staying here with you, aren’t the limits crossed.

Neelu says he stays in the house, but not with Swaran. Divi argues and asks for proof. Ajit shouts Divi. Swaran says I can give any proof, but I won’t, you have this on your mind, Ajit just talks about you, I had kept this gift for you, I couldn’t come in your marriage. Divi asks who would have invited you. Nakul says who would have sent her in your marriage. Ajit asks Divi to stop it. Swaran says its okay, Ajit, she is your daughter, first anger and then thinking. She asks Divi to accept the gift,

what appears isn’t the truth always, don’t refuse to shagun. Divi says what appears is the truth, until a person gives a proof. Swaran says no, I won’t give any proof. Divi asks why, even Sita gave Agnipariksha. Ajit asks Divi to stop the argument. Divi gets angry and says you are scolding me today, its because of Swaran. She throws the gift in anger. Ajit shouts Divya…. Swaran looks on.


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Telecast Date:18th May 2022
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