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Swaran Ghar 17th May 2022 Episode starts with Ajit saying no. Swaran says you are lucky, you raised your children well, Jai and Ankita respected me well, Divi has no objection, why are my children such. Ajit asks her not to think much. He drinks the lassi. She calls him a monkey. He says I did this to make you laugh.

She says not even Dhillo and Divi will laugh on such jokes. Dhillo comes to Divi. Divi asks Ankita to get some food for her. Divi gives a toy to Dhillo. She asks did Ajit get his stuff back. He says no, it will be at his friend’s house.

She asks who, Swaran. Swaran and Ajit say I will pay the bill. She says I m earning now, I will pay. Ajit smiles and says I m very happy with your beginning. She says yes. She repeats Kanwal’s words about being fair. He says you paid the bill, now distance won’t come in our relation, right. He smiles.

Amber comes to the café. Vikram comes to the same café. Swaran says Kanwal used to ask me to become friends of children, but the line shouldn’t get crossed, the last decision should be of children, I have let them cross the line so this happened, unlike your children. Ajit thinks how to tell you that Divi has a problem with our relation. Amber says I m waiting for someone. Vikram asks the man if he will tell in court about Swaran and Ajit. The man is drunk, and says sure, I will not forget my promise.

Vikram asks is the deal done. The man says yes. They drink more. Ajit asks Swaran to sit. She asks him to check first. He says car isn’t starting. She says we have to go and fulfil the order of 3000 bottles, how to start this car. Yug and his friend are also at the same café. Yug says I don’t want to drink. His friend insists him to come. Yug sees Vikram and hears him talking to Sunny uncle about the court case.

Vikram takes the man with him. Yug says who is this Sunny uncle, what is Vikram planning, he is planning some problem for mumma, how to save mumma. Swaran pushes the car. Ajit asks her to push faster. She asks him to come out. She says I told you to get a taxi, you got this old car. He asks did the car tell me that it will break down midway.

Amber comes home crying. Neelu asks what happened. Amber says I m hurt. Nehmat asks what happened, tell me. Neelu goes to get water. Amber says I went to meet my BF, I had lied to all of you, it was my date today, I really love you but he.. Nehmat says he would have not taken your calls. Micky says he is a loser, forget him. Nehmat acts and makes her smile. She says all the men are same, they don’t know true love, they just know to break hearts. Neelu says Swaran will break that guy now.

Swaran says I should have come with Ginni and Neelu, they would have helped me. Ajit says I have helped you, you could have not done this alone. She says I would have done it. He says I will stop a car to get lift, someone would help seeing my sincere face. She asks won’t anyone help me.

He says no, seeing your angry face. He tries to stop the car. No one stops the car. She says I will call Shorvori and ask. She calls Shorvori. Divi comes to Swaran ghar. She shouts Papa ji, come out, don’t hide. Neelu asks who are you, who is your Papa ji. Divi says Ajit Lamba is my dad, I m her daughter Divya. They all smile. Divi scolds them and says I want my dad, where is he. Neelu says he…

Kiran calls Amber. Amber goes. Kiran asks for the news. She asks who came inside Swaran house. Amber asks why shall I tell you, you won’t get any news, Ashu didn’t come on the date. Kiran hears Divi shouting. Divi says just I have a right on my dad. Kiran smiles. Divi says I won’t go until dad comes out. Ajit stops a tractor. Swaran says I won’t go in this. He takes lift. She recalls their past moment when she fell down the tractor, and Ajit cared for her. He apologizes and does sit ups.

FB ends. Ajit asks Swaran to come fast. She refuses. Neelu says his phone is out of reach. Divi says I won’t move from here. She asks where is Ajit’s room. Neelu says that side. Divi gets Ajit’s bag. Neelu asks how can you take it, I won’t let you take his bag, I work for Swaran here. Divi says don’t misbehave with me. Nehmat says you are misbehaving, you are taking someone’s bag.

Divi says he is my dad. Nehmat says just wait here for their return. Amber says we can talk to them tomorrow if they don’t come today. Divi asks who are you. Nehmat says we are tenants. Amber says Nehmat is a lawyer, don’t mess with her. Divi says oh, then I have to introduce you to police. Ajit drives the tractor and asks Swaran to come. Swaran refuses. She sits in the tractor. She says you won’t change, you used to do this in childhood also and did the same now. He looks at her.

He recalls their past. He stops the tractor in the fields and goes to get some sugarcane for her. She smiles. He eats the sugarcane. She asks him to drive first and takes the sugarcane from his hand.

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Telecast Date:17th May 2022
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