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Swaran Ghar 16th November 2022 Ajeet falls down from bed. Swaran gets nervous, she pich him up and says you fall down by your own, stop crying atleast you try by yourself don’t worry one day you will stand, she help him to lie down on bed. Swaran ask do you want something to eat made my me.

Chandani eating. Saroj cribbing about food says don’t know what she mixed in food, she qalks downstairs says I think I’ll fall here and she sits on staircase. Saroj says what did you mix in food, I’ll complaint to Baljeet. Chandani show her sweets and laugh at her.

Saroj walk towards her but fall down, she ask for medicine and losses her consciousness. Chandani says I mixed a medicine in her food to upset her stomach but for good deed. Chandani get’s call from Yug. He ask how is everything. Chandani says everything is fine her stomach is upset and she is sleeping. Yug disconnects call. Chandani take selfie with her.

Swaran bring food for Ajeet. Jay says he opened his eyes. Swaran says earlier he try to sit, don’t worry he will be fine soon. Jay says why did you cook food I would have done. Swaran says don’t worry least I can do. Ajeet show movement in his hand. Swaran help him to get comfortable to eat food and she feeds him. Jay says Dad is getting well because of you. Swaran says to Jay I have to leave now for Nakul, he is in hospital I have to look after him. Jay says I’ll book a cab.

Jay ask Swaran about police. Swaran ask what happen. Jay says they were here before you come. Swaran no they didn’t come, she walk to Ajeet says I’ll come back tomorrow and every day will be fine and she leaves.
Jay says to himself police must be looking for Chandani.

Chandani see jewellery in her red potli says such a big house and everything inside here but not be more precious then this potli. Someone ring door bell. Saroj on floor wakes up, she calls Swaran to open door. Chandani hide potli and leave to open door. Saroj says I think I have to check who is outside, she open door and see police. Police says we are looking for a thief, who all are there in your house.

Saroj says it’s me and my daughter in law but who are you looking for, she explains her situation and says I have to go to washroom. Chandani hiding in corridor see her wanted poster in there hand, she says now I can’t go out, she pray to god for helping. Constable says to Inspector we have to leave because we don’t have lady constable and they leave.

Swaran in hospital she inform Bebe about reaching there. Nurse walks to her says your husband is calling you come let’s go. Swaran says okay.

Saroj on call with Baljeet she complain about Swaran and her situation. Baljeet see Swaran in his room. Baljeet confused says if she is here then who is at home he disconnects call and says you trouble my mother. Saroj call him back says why did you disconnect. He says I’m scolding Swaran. Saroj ask but where she is drinking water infront of me. Baljeet says are you mad Swaran is standing

infront of me. Nurse ask Baljeet to hungup and ask Swaran to meet him tomorrow. Baljeet says no need to leave and ask what is going on. Swaran ask what happen. Nurse ask him to be quite. Baljeet says mom told me you were at home but you are standing infront of me, tell me what is happening. Yug walks in. Baljeet says give me answer and he scolds people around them. Swaran says your mom will be having some misunderstanding I’m standing here.

Baljeet says no she is not lying she told me Swaran was drinking water infront of her. Swaran remember Chandani give alcohol to Saroj and tell him about that situation. Baljeet get’s hyper says you trying to defame my mother. Nurse says she is telling right everyone saw her even we tested her for alcohol, that time also she was saying that she saw her in market but she was here all the time. Baljeet says I’ll be discharged tomorrow so we will look into this matter tomorrow. Swaran get’s sacred and everyone leave.

Swaran tell Yug they won’t sit quiet until they know the truth, we have to do something. Yug says but I don’t know what to do. Swaran says Baljeet is having doubt we need to do something and she tell him plan.

Saroj and Baljeet at door, Saroj call Swaran says come here your husband is back do his pooja. Swaran walks with thali and do pooja of Baljeet, she drops diya at his toe. Baljeet shouts in pain. She apologies for her mistake. Saroj scolds her. Swaran says wait I’ll do it again she pick diya and try to light it again. Baljeet say no need of that. Swaran says wait I’ll do it again.

Baljeet says it’s okay and ask her to smile, she smiles back. They walk inside house. Saroj ask her to sit and she walks away to get his medicine, she bring ointment and apply on his toe. Saroj see how she is smiling and complaint about her. Baljeet scolds her for her behaviour and he tell her mom she couldn’t do it look at her face cannot say anything and she is more scared, you are falsely accusing her.

Saroj says she is faking everything and she made fun of me, she is fooling us. Baljeet says I heard you were drunk yesterday, Nurse told me. Saroj says yes I was drunk somebody mix in my water and give it to me even I don’t know who did this to me, she ask him to getup. Baljeet in pain and ask for water, he ask Saroj to calm down. Swaran give bottle to him. Baljeet ask her to bring glass of water in rude way.

Swaran pouring water. Saroj says to Baljeet see what she is giving to you, you went with an operation and she giving you alcohol. Baljeet smell it says this is alcohol. Swaran smell it and start crying says what am I doing I’m feeling anxious, she says give me back or do you want to drink. Baljeet scolds her says after surgery you want me to drink alcohol. Saroj says wait I’ll bring water for you.

Swaran apologies yo Baljeet for her mistakes. Saroj give him water to drink. Swaran says to Saroj I have shifted your stuff to other room so from now you will live there. Saroj gets angry says what are you saying. Baljeet says who give you permission to shift my mom’s stuff to other room, answer me.


Swaran Ghar 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Swaran beg to Baljeet says don’t do anything to Ajeet I beg you. Baljeet twist her hand says I won’t leave you today, I’ll kill you and start choking her. Ajeet see Swaran getting hurt.

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Telecast Date:16th November 2022
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