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Swaran Ghar 15th November 2022 Chandani says to Swaran your friend don’t care about world. Swaran says he care that’s why he is in this condition, he opened his eyes but I have to go to hin now. Chandani says don’t worry go I’m here and will take care of your husband too, your son promise me nothing will happen to me, she calls auto. Swaran get’s emotional and thanks her. Chandani says now go and take care of yourself. Swaran says you teoo police is looking for you. Chandani says it’s impossible to catch me.

Police with wanted poster of Chandani asking people about her.

Swaran sit in auto and leave. Police asking about Chandani. One farmer says I have seen her face and show him direction where he saw her. Swaran on call with his kid says I’ll reach in time, she oray fod for wellness of Nakul. Driver play’s a song. Swaran remember her time with Ajeet, she says now it’s enough Ajeet I’ll not let you rest anymore you have to talk to me and we will hand oyt together, she pray to Waheguru for him.

Police knocks at door. Jay open ask what are you doing here. He says we are looking for thief, can we come inside and check. Jay says okay come in. Jay tell him about his father in coms. One of the constable says we searched whole house we find nothing. They leave and Jay thinks about Swaran.

An officer discussing about thief. Swaran get down near that constable. He saw Swaran getting down on auto. Swaran get’s call from Chandani. Chandani says I need your help. A auto come in between Constable and Swaran. Swaran walks away. Constable go to see her but couldn’t find anyone. Chandani says your mother in law wants me to cook so ask her what should I cook. Swaran says wait I’ll come to cook. Chandani says I can handle. Swaran tell her what to cook for her and walking towards Ajeets house.

Inspector sitting in car can see her from rear view mirror. Swaran says wait let me do this. Chandani says no need and start buying vegetables , she suggest her to cook khichdi and all. Vegetable seller looks at her face she scolds him and ask for the money and vegetables. Vegetable seller call police and inform about Chandani. Swaran walks by police car. Vegetable seller call him and give information about Chandani. Inspector says I’m coming.

Baljeet in room. Nurse ask him about his health. Baljeet ask her about his wife. Nurse says she is not here. Baljeet ask her about his phone and about her mother. Baljeet calls his mom says where are you and Swaran. Saroj get’s happy and tell him she went to market. Swaran walks in says should I cook food for you.

Saroj says be quick I’m hungry. Baljeet ask her to put phone on speaker. Baljeet ask did you miss me. Swaran make fun of him. Baljeet says did you thought about honeymoon, where you want to go Nainital or Shimla. Chandani thinks you trouble Swaran a lot now I’ll show you. Saroj says answer him. Swaran says mom is standing so let me cook for her she is hungry too and she walks away. Saroj ask her to put lot of butter in her food. Swaran answer her back. Saroj try to complaint about her but Baljeet disconnects call.

Swaran with Ajeet, she help him to give medicine and pray to god for his wellness, she says to him I went to Gurudwara and brought two kada one for you and one for Nakul, she ask him to open his eyes and start scolding him, I like when you fight, she start crying says you know police is looking for Chandani but I see pain in her eyes, I like her a lot don’t know what happen with her that she had to run away from her house.

Saroj shouts and ask for food. Chandani bring food for her says I have made everything you like. Saroj ask her to pit more butter in her food and says remember this is your status. Chandani tell her Bebe went to pray. Saroj says ask her to pray for herself too, today is her last day Baljeet will kick her out when he come back, even Nakul and Yug too and I’ll treat you as slave. Chandani laughs at her. Saroj start shouts at her. Chandani give her more butter and food to eat.

Ajeet open his eyes and move his hand. Swaran see his hand movement. Ajeet try to raise his hand. Swaran help him to sit down but he cannot move anymore, she says take care. Ajeet try to reach kada. Swaran help him to wear it says god will help you to get well soon.

Saroj says Swaran you cook so delicious. Chandani whispers you will know why soon and insists Swaran on having more. Saroj eats lot of food. Chandani still keeps insisting on having food. Saroj says no and leaves. Chandani sits to have food and keeps her leg on chair. Saroj comes back and starts shouting why did you start eating before you clean my plate and massage my feet also get me something sweet. Chandani says okay. Saroj feels her stomach is upset qnd rushes upstairs to her room. Chandani sits and has ger food peacefully.

Swaran taking down dired clothes and says Ajeet I think God has sent Chandani for us and she has saved us everyone and Yug told me he made Chandani sign house papers and so that house remains ours but what will we do when Baljeet finds the truth, I don’t know how is she handling. Ajit gets restless in his bed.

Saroj comes down and says let me tell Baljeet what you have done. Chandani acts I will pack food for him as well don’t complaint. Saroj rushes back to bathroom.

Ajit falls down.

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Swaran Ghar 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Saroj calls Baljeet and tells him, his wife has created nuisance. Swaran walks in, Baljeet on call says Swaran is infront of me. Saroj says no she is infront of me drinking water. Baljeet asks Swaran what all is this.

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Telecast Date:15th November 2022
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