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Swaran Ghar 14th November 2022 Saroj with registrar she tell him Swaran is here while walking in corridor. Saroj ask Nimmi about Swara. She ignores her and leave. Saroj looking for Swaran.

Bebe applying mehedi on Chandanis hand. Saroj and Registrar walks to them. Registrar says why are you doing now how will you give thumb impression. Saroj scolds her. She says Baljeet wish to see mehendi on my hands, he did a lot for my son so least I could do for him. Saroj says I understand your plan it was on purpose. Registrar says you can was hands there will be no issue with impression.

Chandani start crying, she ask Saroj to remove. She ask her what have you written on your hands. Swaran says I wrote his nick name and start acting infront of her. Saroj hold her hand to remove. Bebe says your son is on bed and you trying to erase his name from her hand you don’t know it’s bad omen, if you don’t love your kid you can do it. Saroj says you can keep mehedi and they leave. Yug on call with his mom to know her location.

Swaran outside hospital. Registrar standing outside hospital. Swaran bend down to pick her money. Nimmo see her she rush stand infront of Swaran to save her from registrar.

Chandani aak Yug about his plan. Yug says after sometime Baljeet will be conscious Nimmo will take then and we will reach home with police when they will check papers everyone will know it’s not signed by Swaran.

Chandani ask what about impression. Yug says we will tell them they forced my mom to sign the papers and mom was in Pind so how can she sign papers, police will take them to jail under the case of fraud and I told everything about you to mom she will be here to meet you. Saroj looks at them through window. Bebe walks to Swaran let’s go gurudwara. Yug says she is Chandani not mom.

Bebe says I know when she will go out only then Swaran can come here. Saroj walks out says she will not go to Gurudwara and I’m going to canteen I’m hungry. Yug see mom standing at door. Bebe says we are going to pray for them and try to convince her. Saroj says I’m she won’t go anywhere.

Yug says okay and give her direction to leave. Yug tell Chandani mom is here you can leave. Swaran walks to Bebe, she hugs her and cry. Bebe tell her she mixed sleeping pills in her milk. Yug apologies to her. Swaran scolds him for his actions. Bebe says don’t worry we are doing for good and now go and see Nakul. Swaran rush to Nakuls room. Kiran hugs Swaran and thanks her for helping them.

Vikram see them from outside room. Nakul wakes up says come to me mother you ask me to see you first when I open my eyes, I too want to see you first. Swaran get’s emotional and remember Nakuls birthday. Nakul says please come forward mother. Swaran gets emotional sit beside him says I’m here now you can open your eyes. Nakul open his eyes and thanks her for his new life. Swaran hugs him. Bebe ask Yug to check on Saroj.

Saroj having pani puri. Chandani unknowingly push her and walk away to have juice. Saroj looks at her says what Swaran is doing here, she start chasing her to market. Chandani unaware about Saroj shopping. Saroj says let Baljeet come home I’ll ask him to scold her bad.

Yug says to Nakul you have Baljeets liver in you don’t start acting like him. Nakul says I cannot be like him and promise her mother everything will be fine. Vikram looking at them says will I be able to fix my mistakes ever. Swaran says I believe my kids already and now it’s more strong, miracles do happen. Swaran get’s up and hug Yug, she crying. Yug makes fun of her. Swaran thanks Yug for his plan.

Saroj chasing Chandini, she gets tiered. Chandani unaware about her run inside jungle. Saroj gets tiered and feel thirsty, she lie down. Someone give her water. She drinks it and get up after sometime looking for person.

Saroj walks in hospital see Swaran with Bebe and Yug. She walks to her. Swaran says here is the prashad from gurudwara. Saroj ask her to stop acting and says what were you doing in market. Yug says mom was in hospital you only ask her to stay here. Saroj says she was in market, she take her purse and start looking for her stuff. Chandani in brukha message Yug are you enjoying to see her loosing patience.

Chandani remembers seeing Saroj keeping eye on her she thinks let’s have fun with her. Saroj didn’t find anything in her bag, she takes her phone to check selfie, she says stop lying to everyone.
Chandani calls nurse, she points toward Saroj and complaint about her being loud in hospital and says I think she is drunk please do check her. Nurse check her alcohol level says you should feel ashamed on your behaviour and ask her leave. Saroj says stop your nonsense when did I drink.

Chandani remembers giving her water mix with alcoholic. Registrar walks to Swaran says let’s take your fingerprint. Saroj drunk ask him who are you. Bebe says it’s the registrar you called. Saroj drunk see Chandini. Chandani gets aware about it and she walks out of hospital.

Chandani outside hospital says I was about to get caught. Swaran taps Chandini from behind. Chandani surprised to see her, she take her behind hospital. They greet eachother. Swaran says did you give her alcohol. Chandani says yes and I ask nurse to check her, I took revenge from her because of Baljeet do you have any problem. Swaran thanka her and get emotional. Chandani says okay she says it feels like I’m looking in mirror. Swaran says you are so much brave, who send you here. Few people take Waheguru’s Prabhat Pheri. Swaran explain Chandini this shows God is there for everyone and for me you are my god Chandani. Chandani surprises.


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Telecast Date:14th November 2022
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