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Swaran Ghar 13th May 2022 Episode starts with Swaran asking Ajit to go back home. Jai calls Ajit and says I m trying to call you since yesterday. Ajit says phone was at home. Jai says Divi has come, she wants to meet you, come soon. Ajit says I will come. He says Swaran, Divi has come, I will take laddoos for her. She gives the laddoos and the dupatta for Divi. Ajit leaves.

He comes home and asks where is Divi. Jai says I have locked her. Ajit asks why. Jai says she had seen you dancing in school, she wanted to come to Swaran ghar and meet you and Swaran, you know her anger, she doesn’t listen to anyone. Ajit asks for keys. He unlocks the door. He sees the mess. He asks where is Divi.

They look for Divya. He prays that he gets one chance to talk to Divi. Divi comes out of the hiding and asks promise. She asks will you listen what I say. He says say it once, what you did today was too wrong. He hugs her. she cries. Swaran talks of Ajit. Amber says but he left. Swaran says yes. She sees Kiran there. She goes to scold Kiran. She says Nimmo had spiked Ajot’s drink yesterday. Kiran worries.

Amber asks how do you know. Swaran says I just got to know. Ajit says Swaran and I are childhood friends, I m just helping her. Divi says you can stay at home and help her, why are you staying there. He recalls whatever happened. He says dhaba has much work, its close to her house, why did you think I will leave you,

you are my family. She asks why did you give my dupatta to Swaran. He says I didn’t give it, its here, ask anyone, I told that I m taking the seventh dupatta for my daughter. She says you look much changed. He says I will prove it that I m your dad, I will make your fav food. She says you have to do one more work, stay with us.

Ajit worries. He says I know how to makeyour mood better. He asks her to have laddoos. She says its different, you didn’t make this before, its tasty, you know how to make me happy. He thinks Swaran is the reason for your happiness. She says you will stay here right, and not love anyone more than me. He says I can’t love anyone more than you. She says then you won’t go to meet Swaran.

Swaran comes home. She talks to Kanwal’s pic. She shows her earnings. She gets a treasure box and says Kanwal has bought this for me in the fair, he told me that when I have something special, I should keep it in this box. She keeps the earnings in the box. Nehmat calls Ajit and asks did you go home,

when are you coming back. He asks what happened. She says Vikram has come to court, he is meeting a problematic lawyer, aunty will fall in some problem again, they are planning something. Divi says don’t break the promise. Nehmat says come to Swaran ghar soon, we will sit and talk.

Parminder and his wife Neelu visit Swaran and say we had come to your stall yesterday, we had bought the beauty products from your stall, we liked, we have a beauty products business, we want to give you an order of 3000 bottles. Swaran gets glad and talks to them. She says Ajit isn’t my husband. Ajit says I will tell you in some time. Divi throws the dupatta and says I don’t want this, promise me,

you won’t go back to Swaran ghar. Ajit asks her to listen. She asks are you promising or not. He says fine, I won’t go. She gets happy. He says I will get oil and do your hair champi. He thinks how to go, I had to promise to calm her anger. Swaran says he is my good friend, Ajit Lamba. Parminder says he told me about your natural products, we want to have a deal, what advance do you expect. She says I don’t know all that, we had put the stall for school project. He says I will make a contract.

She says I don’t understand all this. Amber says Nehmat is our lawyer, she will say. He asks Swaran to make the order ready. Amber dances. Neelu asks where will we get the things from. Swaran says Ajit will get it. nehmat comes and asks did Ajit come. Swaran thinks. Neelu says I will call him. Swaran says no, he is with his daughter Divi, he is happy, let him stay happy.

Nakul recalls Kiran’s words and cries. He drinks in the bar. He says you don’t worry for me, but just money. He thinks of Swaran and cries. The man throws him out of the bar. Nakul says I m my mum’s bad son. Micky sees him. Ajit says I can’t leave my family and Swaran, how shall I leave supporting her.

Nehmat calls him and says the lawyer has gone out of the city, there is no problem, Swaran got a big contract. Ajit says its good. Amber asks him to come. Ajit says I can’t come. Swaran asks them about the beauty ingredients. Ajit tells Amber about the store. Swaran says I won’t ask Ajit, I want to do this myself, he has gone home, he has to stay there.

Amber asks won’t you call him. Swaran says no. She asks Neelu to get Ajit’s luggage out. Ajit says I heard it. Nehmat says its called reverse psychology, when a person says no, then it means it’s a yes, Ajit will come. Ajit says I have promised Divi, Swaran, Kanwal and myself, how will I keep four promises, I don’t understand.

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