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Swaran Ghar 11th May 2022 Episode starts with Ajit feeling unwell. Ajit talks to the people about Swaran. Nimmo records them. The lady asks do you know each other since childhood. Ajit says yes. He goes on stage. He says we know each other since childhood. Swaran asks why are you talking about it.

Ajit says it’s a big thing to handle the problems and move on, who taught this to her. Ginni thinks he will take Kanwal’s name. Nimmo says it will be good if he takes his own name. A man’s phone rings. Ajit says let it ring. Swaran asks him to come. He says its okay. Jai and Divya are on the way. Vikram shows the pic to the lawyer Joy. Joy says it’s a big proof, make its 10 copies.

Ajit says this is my and Swaran’s fav song since childhood, her mum didn’t like it, I had gifted her a Walkman, her mum and everyone didn’t know what she is listening, just I knew it, I used to dance. Everyone laughs. Swaran asks him to come. The man asks him to dance once. The lady says make Swaran dance also. Ajit says we got the first prize, we will dance. Swaran gets down the stage.

The lady says we will see the talent in Ginni’s Nanu and Nani. Swaran gets shocked. Vikram says how much will mum embarrass us. Swaran asks Ginni what is the teacher saying.

Ginni says actually… lets dance. Amber says I will also dance. Neelu and Ginni say we will also dance. Ajit dances with them. He imagines dancing with Swaran. Her dupatta gets stuck in his watch. He says its Divya’s dupatta, I have to return this to her. She goes. Ajit dances. Jai and Divya look on.

Divya says Ajit gave my dupatta to that woman, I will see that woman. Jai stops her. Divya says I will ask dad how he gave my rights to someone else. Jai says its Dhillo’s school, come. He brings her home and asks her to calm down. Divya cries and says I have to talk to dad. Jai locks her in the room. He says this is the only way to stop her, dad would have done this. Everyone brings Ajit home.

Swaran throws his bag. Ajit is drunk. She says I told you to go home, everyone misunderstood us. Divya asks who is Swaran, why is everyone calling them a couple. She throws things in the room. Swaran scolds Ajit. Divya shouts in anger. She tears the dupatta. Jai says I felt that Swaran is more than a friend for dad. Neelu says maybe someone fed him something wrong.

Swaran says make him away, I will handle him later. She stops Ginni. She asks why did you tell the teacher that we are Mr and Mrs. Bedi. Ginni says I didn’t say, she misunderstood seeing you and Ajit together. Micky checks the file and asks about the pic. Swaran looks at Ginni and says you had clicked this pic, right, it means you knew the misunderstanding, you didn’t clear it. Micky says sorry from her side.

Swaran says no, she has lied, saying a lie is a crime. Amber feels guilty. Ginni says sorry, I wanted scholarship. Swaran scolds her. She says you all have hurt my heart today. Nimmo and Kiran laugh seeing the dance video. Nakul, Yug and Vikram come. Nimmo taunts them. She says they are posing as husband and wife. Vikram thinks what I have will change the game. Nakul says I m not interested in watching this.

Yug says stop enjoying this. Nimmo says our plan of spiking the drink has worked, Ajit has confessed his feelings. Nakul and Yug come home. Swaran gets a bucket of water and throws at Ajit. He looks at her.

She says no one will talk to him until he gets sobered up. Ajit sleeps. Nakul says a person doesn’t change in drunken state. Yug says we are brainwashed against Swaran, Kiran and Nimmo are doing this, think well. Swaran thinks of Kanwal. Micky comes to care for her. She thinks how to talk about Ajit, she may get angry. Swaran asks do you want to say something. Ajit gets up and recalls what all he did. He thinks what did I do, did I do anything wrong, who shall I ask.

Micky asks did Kanwal used to sing for you. Swaran asks why are you asking, are you comparing Kanwal and Ajit. Micky says no. Swaran says Kanwal used to sing well and touch heart. Micky says Ajit was out of control but he was right. Ajit takes a bath. He recalls his childhood with Swaran. He thinks what am I thinking and why. Micky says he cared for you today. Swaran asks her to be clear. Ajit thinks why am I recalling that. Micky says I think Ajit likes you. Swaran gets angry.

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Telecast Date:11th May 2022
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