Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Written Updates

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update, Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Written Update on

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 23rd August 2019 Episode Start With Rubina asking when will the police coming. Kainat gets tea. Her hands shiver. Rubina asks is Zainab fine. Kainat goes. Nadim says where is Dr. Sharma. ACP Akhilesh comes and greets them. Ghazala holds the tray and asks Kainat to be careful. Akhilesh says matter was serious, how did this happen, Miyajaan got a heart attack, he always prayed for our protection, he was a noble man. Nadim says we thought you have come for investigation. Rubina says robberies are happening in the locality. Akhilesh leaves. Rubina says why shall we say when there is no investigation happening. Zaroon comes. He calls to know about complain. He asks did Dr. Sharma come today. Nadim says no. Zaroon runs.

Dr. Sharma gets the skeleton. Saltanat is also lying unconscious there. Rubina and Nadim talk about Dr. Sharma. Rubina says where did Zaroon go. Nadim says don’t know, this is affecting him a lot. Rubina says I don’t know, that policemen insulted us, we didn’t ask them, they took away the skeleton, ACP doesn’t know about it. Zaroon asks for Dr. Sharma. Nurse asks who. Zaroon comes home. Nadim asks what. Zaroon says yes, I m saying the truth, receptionist told me that there is no Dr. Sharma in their hospital. Rubina says no, I will call Dr. Sharma. Zaroon shows the number not reachable. Dr. Sharma throws his phone on the road. Kainat says it means that doctor was fake. Zaroon says then the police was also fake, maybe Kainat is alive. Mamoon says this can’t happen. Zaroon says its my mistake, we didn’t check her, did anyone check her. Dr. Sharma goes to light pyre. Zaroon says I will not leave him. Mamoon says Kainat fell from great height.

Zaroon says even Saltanat fell down, she is standing alive here. Kainat says you mean…. Zaroon says I didn’t mean that. Rubina says doctor told us in hospital that Kainat is in coma. Zaroon says we don’t know the truth. Rubina asks what will Dr. Sharma do of that skeleton, whose skeleton was it. Nadim says its clear that they won’t do postmortem, they won’t get anything. Ghazala says if he was an enemy, why did he save Zaroon. Mamoon says this house is a secret store. Rubina says maybe Dr. Sharma was with the police. Mamoon says I m sure someone from family did this. Kainat worries and asks how can you say this. She says we can’t doubt on family. Ghazala says yes, we should show Zainab to a good doctor. Kainat thinks who was that doctor.

Dr. Sharma cries and says 12 years….He sits near Saltanat and says you have given me that deadly memory, I was a child that time, I still remember that, I was helpless, I have courage today. He sees her pic and says I hate Kainat, I love her a lot, that’s Sakshi Di, my elder sister. He says you took her life, you were a little girl, you had hatred in you and killed Sakshi, I used to promise Sakshi to protect her, after tying the last Rakhi, you left, I tried to find you, I couldn’t keep my promise to protect you, I had promised myself that I will get peace for your soul, today I free you of every pain. He lights the pyre. He lifts Saltanat. He says I promise you Kainat, I will do my best and spend money to make you fine, I will take care of you, when you get conscious and see life again, I will kill you.

Nadim says what would Miyajaan do today. Mamoon says no need to file any complaint. Kainat goes and worries. She thinks of Dr. Sharma. She says he declared Saltanat brain dead, then skeleton was found, police took the skeleton, doctor went with them, why, who is he. She comes to Zaroon. She sees him sleeping. His hand goes towards the candle. She goes. Dr. Sharma says I will give you death, its my promise. He sees the fire. Zaroon’s hand hits the candle. He shouts Saltanat and wakes up.


Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 26th August 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Zaroon says I feel it wasn’t you in front of me. Kainat thinks does he know my truth.


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