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Subharambh 8th January 2020 Episode Start With Rani cries and hugs her family. She comes to her brother and hugs him. He cries and asks Raja to take care of Rani, she has done a lot for us. Promise me that you would never leave her. Raja says I promise to never leave her side. Rani smiles. Rani’s bidai is done.

Mehul and Jharna are welcomed in the house. Asha asks Hiten to not be angry at Kirtida. Rani is about to enter the house but Kirtida deliberately drops the aarti plate and all sindoor falls on Rani’s face. Asha glares at Kirtida. Raja gives the tissue to Rani and cleans her face. Asha says Kirtida must be tired, she should rest. I will take her. Kirtida glares at her. Asha thinks that I will get rich so she can’t do anything.

Dadi welcomes Rani in the house. They all go inside. Asha stops Hiten and Dadi. She says that Kirtida and Hiten have handled this house so much. Kirtida took care of the house, Raja’s father would want the daughter in law to take care of the house. Rani should take the duties of Kirtida so she should rest in this age. Dadi says you are right, we will give her the house keys. Hiten thinks that I have to tell this to Kirtida but she is already angry.

Scene 2
Mehul and Jharna’s ring finding ceremony happen. Mehul finds the ring. Rani and Raja play it too. Darshna cheers for Rani. Raja smirks at Rani. Rani distracts him and finds the ring. All clap for her. Raja says you cheated? She says everything is fair in the game. He says everything is fair in love, right? Rani blushes.

Asha tells Kirtida that your bad time is starting. Dadi says we all know that Kirtida took care of Raja and Asha, she took the duties and handled it well but now it’s time for her to give the duties and house keys to Rani. All are shocked. Darshna says that’s a good decision. Jharna is jealous. Kirtida says this is not a burden for me, Rani is new here so let her settle down first. Rani says yes it’s a big duty for me. Asha says don’t you want to give rest to Kirtida?

Raja says we want to help you and give you peace. Asha hugs her and murmurs that I will get the power now. Asha brings Raja’s father’s photo. Kirtida sadly gives the house keys to Rani. All clap for her.Dadi asks Jharna and Rani to apply sindoor on the house well. Asha asks Rani to give the keys to her. Rani gives it to them. Kirtida is angry.


Subharambh 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani finds the shows in the shagun plate. Dadi says that’s a bad omen. Raja recalls how a girl gifted them to him in childhood. Raja says those shoes were old but I needed them at that time. Rani recalls how it was her only, she cries and says you needed those shoes, I remember. Raja is shocked.

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Telecast Date: 8th January 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv and Voot


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