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Subharambh 6th February 2020 Episode Start With Rani says it’s not needed but welcome. Raja hugs her. He says you the relationship that has less sorry and thank you is strong. Rani nods. Hitank says Raja, get ready we have to go. Raja looks for his towel. He says it’s the first day of the new responsibility. Rani says I don’t know much about marketing but I heard what’s watched is sold. She gives him towel.

Mehul holds a board that says I am sorry. She says promise me you won’t drink, and won’t meet your friends and would take me to movie every week. And will love me only. He hugs her and says I love you. I will do what you say. Divya messages him. He checks in on her back. She asks when are we meeting?

Gulwant says I saw a miracle that didn’t happen in years. Raja was asking for his right. Rani did what Aasha couldn’t do in 25 years. She won’t kick her out of this house anymore. Asha says how can I kick her out. She made Raja do what I couldn’t in years. She might have some motive behind it. I don’t like her but she will get Raja his right. Gulwant says now after Asha we have that girl against us too. Kirtida says we have to kick her out. Gulwant says we have to plan something new so Raja never asks for his right again.

Scene 2
Rani is cooking. Kirtida says do you need help? She says no I will do it. Kirtida says you have done well by making Raja realize his responsibility. Kirtida says I am scared. Asha might provoke you. You can’t trust her. SHe is after you. Rani says I don’t get it. Kirtida says you don’t get it you are very innocent. She is doing drama. She apologized to Vrinda as well but she asked me to tell all this to Raja. Raja forgave Asha. Then she burned her hand and said she burned her hand. Then she asked Virnda not to work at that shop and went there herself. Rani says why? She says to make Raja believe that you made her work there by blackmailing her. I am telling you all this to aware you. I am just concerned about you.

Rani says I don’t know what to believe. Can she do all this to kick me out? Sounds like a TV serial but why would Kirtida lie? Vrinda calls Rani and tells her that someone sent her money from that shop while she didn’t work there. Someone else did. Rani recalls what Kirtida said. Rani says you should return that money. Asha says Rani keep Raja’s clothes in the closet. Was Kirtida saying something to you? She saw Kirtida talking to Rani. Asha says did she say something about me? You’re my wise DIL. I know you are aware of everything. Just be careful. Kirtida doesn’t like you at all. She is a sweet poison. Don’t ever trust her. She wants to kick you out. Take care. Raja comes. Rani leaves.

Scene 3
Raja says which shirt should I wear? Rani picks the purple one. He wears it and says why are you worried? Rani recalls what Asha and Kirtida said. She says I am fine. raja says you look tense. She says I didn’t sleep. Rani says you look sleepy too. Take tea. He says I am nervous. I want to see Mota papa happy. Rani says keep yourself happy. Everything else would be fine.

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Telecast Date: 6th February 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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