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Subharambh 5th February 2020 Written Episode , Subharambh Written Update on

Subharambh 5th February 2020 Episode Start With Raja thinks about Rani’s words and is tensed.

In the morning, Kirtida shows Asha’s photos dressed as a maid to Gunvant. She says I will show these to Raja and tell him that Rani is making her do work like a servant.

Kirtida comes to Raja and says you are here? She gives him a letter and leaves. Kirtida thinks that he will see her mother’s photos and will throw Rani out of the house. She leaves.

Rani says Raja is not talking to me, he should tell me what’s hurting him. Darshna comes there and says they are calling you downstairs.

Raja comes to Gunvant and waits for Rani. All are there. Kirtida thinks that he must have seen the photos. Raja says I have called you here as I want to ask for something. I want responsibilities. All are shocked. Raja says I want duties in the shop. Kirtida coughs. Asha is surprised and smiles. Hitank asks what he wants? You already work there. Raja says I want to work hard and work which can contribute to the shop. If I had a bank account then this wouldn’t have happened, my work is nothing in front of your work, I should work more, I should be more responsible. Gunvant says why are you thinking like that? Raja says Rani has made me realized that I need to work more. Rani says I know Raja works hard but he should have more responsibilities. Asha is surprised. Gunvant says to Raja that it’s good to see you worried about the business, I thought you will learn it soon but I don’t find your work small. Raja says no work is small but I need more duties. Gunvant says I don’t want to burden you but if you are asking then I have to think. Hitank says we are looking for a marketing manager so give marketing to Raja. Gunvant is shocked. Raja says I have ideas to bring in more sales. Hitank says he is our marketing manager now. Kirtida makes a face. Hitank says let’s open a bank account for him, he will work more than Mehul. Gunvant says yes and hugs him. Rani and Asha are elated. Gunvant tells Raja to handle his duties well. Raja says I will not let you down. Gunvant blesses him. Rani goes to bring sweets. Asha hugs him. Gunvant thinks that Rani has to leave this house too. Rani brings sweets and makes Raja eat. He smiles at her and makes her eat too. She wipes her happy tears and smiles at him. Hitank takes Raja from there.

Scene 2
Asha goes to thank her husband’s photo. Kirtida sees that Raja left that letter. She calls Asha and asks her to show it to Raja. Asha thinks that everything is becoming fine so I can’t let her show that photo to Raja. She runs to Kirtida and snatches the photo from her. Kirtida falls down. Raja rushes to her and asks if she is fine? Asha eats the photo before Raja can see it. She thinks that I will be more careful of Kirtida now.

Rani runs in the corridor happily. Raja comes there and stops her. Rani says you don’t need to thank me but you are most welcome. Raja smiles and hugs her. She is surprised and hugs him back.


Subharambh 6th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Rani tells Raja to have tea at the shop. Raja says I want Gunvant to be happy. Rani says you be happy and then you will handle everything.Rani comes in the shop and sees the display work not done. Hitank asks the worker where is Raja? I asked him to do this work. The worker says Raja went out and didn’t come back. Rani is shocked.

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Telecast Date: 5th February 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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