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Subharambh 3rd January 2020 Episode Start With Asha tells Kirtida that why you hate us so much? Why you want to break his wedding? She is a good girl. Kirtida says says good girl or girl with money? You want to earn 50 lacs so you can rule us? Asha grabs her and says people will laugh at you. Kirtida says I won’t let this marriage happen. She laughs at her. Asha gets angry and throws flour on her face. Kirtida glares at her and throws remaining flour on Asha back. Kirtida says Raja will say no to this wedding himself.

Darshna makes Raja meet Rani, she leaves. Raja holds Rani’s hand and says I wanted to talk to you. Rani says the truth is that we are different, our classes are different, I don’t want to live with taunts. Raja asks her to relax. Rani says look at your house, I might be a servant here. Raja stops her and says our lives might be difficult but I promise to never leave your hand. He lovingly looks at her and wipes her tears. Rani cries and smiles at him. Kirtida looks at them and thinks their dreams are going to break tomorrow.

Scene 2
In the morning, Asha is keeping an eye on Kirtida. Kirtida calls Asha to Dadi and says you should help Dadi. Kirtida says I will help her also.
Kirtida comes to the priest and asks if he did her work? He says yes, Darshna hears it.

Darshna tells Asha about Kirtida planning something. Asha says we have to fail her plan.

Popat tells Virinda that you will have to leave this house as soon as the wedding happens. Rani comes there and grabs Popat, she says how dare you ask them to leave? Virinda shouts that I took the money.
Rani is calling Raja but he is busy dancing with Mehul. Rani messages him that this marriage can’t happen. Hitank glares at Raja and drinks water. Mehul hides behind Raja. Hitank dances with them.

Virinda asks Rani to calm down, we need money for the wedding. Rani says till you don’t give that money back, I won’t marry. Rani’s brother brings 2 lacs and says I earned them and from the right way. He asks them to not worry now, they leave. Rani recalls messaging to Raja. Rani deletes her message before Raja can see it. Raja messages her if everything is fine? She says nothing. Raja messages her to send her a photo. She says you send it first. Raja says you will see me dressed for wedding now.

Asha recalls Kirtida’s words that she won’t let this wedding happen. She thinks that I have to do something about her.


Subharambh 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Raja and Rani sit in the mandap for their wedding. Kirtida acts like getting a heart attack. The priest says that we are losing time. Raja says no, first we have to take her to the hospital.

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Telecast Date: 3rd January 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv and Voot


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