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Subharambh 30th January 2020 Episode Start With Asha looks at her husband’s photo and says you saw how Raja talked to me? He never spoke to me like this. Rani did all this. She would ruin everything. I have no one but Raja. How do I tell him.
Rani tries to apply the cream to the wounds. She struggles. Raja takes it from her and applies it himself. Rani says thank you for all that you did. He says what did I? Rani shows him the video. He says if you so wanted to clean, you should have worn gloves and shoes. Rani says I would be careful. The wind spreads hair all over her face. Raja tucks them behind her air. He ties her hair. Raja gets a call from Hitank and says I have arranged those sarees in the shed. Rani hears a noise.

She comes downstairs. There are women chanting in favor on Rani. Kirtida says what is this? It’s our house. The woman says we fight for women who are tortured by their in-laws. We saw a video of Rani. Something is wrong in this house. We want to ask her if she is in trouble. Why were you cleaning the gutter? Asha says she is DIL, she would do the housework. The woman says there are other people in the house too. Why didn’t they? She is poor is that why you do this to her? Asha says we don’t need to answer you. The woman says are you Rani’s MIL? Kirtida says yes she is. She asks Rani were you forced to that? Tell us the truth. Rani recalls Asha asking her to clean and Kirtida says she saw Asha breaking the pipe. Rani says no one forced me. Raja comes there too. Rani says I did it on my own. The woman says we can even call the police for your help. Don’t be scared. Rani says no one forced me. She says we would come in a week to see if you are okay. They circle around Asha and leave. Their leader says Asha, I would come back. Kirtida says Raja go talk to Hitank. She says Rani you should rest. She collides with Asha. Asha says how can she come to our place and scare us. Kirtida says they could send you to jail. What would you do?

Scene 2
At night, Asha is in the kitchen. She drinks water. Asha says how do I kick her out of the house? If I do anything those women would come back. And Raja is with her as well. Kirtida comes there and says are you scared of your own self? Asha says I am not scared of anyone. Asha says you made a foolish plan. Asha says I will win. She says since childhood you have been trying to tell my truth to Raja, could you tell? No. Who got bad with everything? You. You will always lose. Rani will defeat you. Asha says enough. Kirtida says don’t worry, I am with you.

Rani makes the bed. Raja comes in the room. He says didn’t you feel bad? You were asked to do such a dirty thing? She says why would I? Shouldn’t feel bad. Raja recalls he said that. Rani says that the board says the family’s happiness is ours. Someone had to clean it. It isn’t mummy ji’s fault if someone made a video. Raja gives her chocolates and says thank you. She says so I would get chocolate on every sorry and thank you? He says not necessarily. Rani says then these chocolates won’t ever end. Because no sorry and thank you.

Kirtida says we have been finding our happiness in each other’s sadness. But now Rani is playing her games. She must have called those women. Asha says I never thought that. Kirtida says she called them and then in front of Raja, she became great. Raja is all trapped in her plan. Asha says please help me. I want to kick her out of this house. Kirtida says now you see what I do. Don’t worry I am with you. They shake hands.

Raja and Rani are trying to sleep. Rani looks at the chocolate and so does Raja. Rani says in heart I will tolerate anything for you. Raja says I know you will face anything to win everyone’s heart.

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Telecast Date: 30th January 2020
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