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Subharambh 29th January 2020 Episode Start With Raja is trying on the shirts while Rani is sleeping. She wakes up and asks why hs is awake so early? Raja says sorry, I have an important meeting, I will go out. Rani says no, what are you wearing? This shirt looks small, can you wear some other shirt. Raja says I tried other shirts but I don’t understand. Rani says can I help? Raja gives his shirts to her. Rani chooses a blue shirt for him which he doesn’t like but accepts from her. Rani smiles at him and looks away. Raja changes his shirt and says this looks fine? Rani says no. He says why? Rani sees his buttons upside down and corrects it for him. Raja says it’s okay and leaves. Rani smiles and says God today is Raja’s meeting, be with him and bless him. I am asking for him, play your role, I will play mine.

Mehul is sleeping peacefully. Jharna wakes him up and says today is our kiss anniversary so I have bought the glasses for you. Mehul sees that it’s funny glasses. Jharna asks for her gift. He says we will go out for dinner. He thinks that this is going overboard.

Kesha stops Raja as he is wearing a tie and a formal shirt. Rani comes there wearing a blue dress. Raja is mesmerized by seeing her. Kesha says you both are matching today. Twinning is very popular between couples these days. Raja says it’s not like that. Kesha says let’s take your photo together, you both are trendy. She makes them stand together and takes their photo. She asks them to come closer. They are both shy but move in closer. Adha ishq plays. Kesha asks Raja put his hand on Rani’s shoulder. He does, Rani smiles at him. Kesha uploads their photo. Raja leaves.

Gunvant tells Hitank that you have no new design to show, what will I show to the client? Raja comes there and says we can twin. Gunvant says what do you mean? Raja calls Rani there and says this is twinning. Gunvant says what? Raja says look at us. We are both matching, couples do it and it’s trendy. Wedding season is coming so all couples can match at the wedding. We can market it to elders too. It will double our sales too. Gunvant says I like your idea. Hitank says we should tell the client about this idea. Gunvant says I knew that Raja is a winning horse. He asks Hitank to think like Raja. Rani smiles at Raja and thinks that I hope he has a good presentation. Mehul and Jharna come there. Gunvant asks what he is wearing? He says Jharna gave me these glasses. Gunvant asks him to change his thinking. Mehul leaves. Hitank asks Raja to come to the meeting with Mehul and bring my file from my room. He leaves with Gunvant.

Kirtida stops Rani and says Asha wants to talk to you so go. Rani says okay and leaves. Kirtida smirks
Kirtida calls Raja and shows him Asha saying sorry to Rani. Asha cries and says I hated you that’s why I did all that but I repent my mistakes. Rani says no, don’t say sorry, I forgot about all that. Asha says you have a big heart and hugs her. Raja smiles seeing it. Asha says I am sure that the lord will make everything fine. Rani leaves. Raja thanks Kirtida and says I will have a good day now. Kirtida asks him to have a good day, he leaves. Kirtida comes to Asha. Asha says did Raja see it? Kirtida says yes, he saw it, you do good acting. Asha says I had to control myself, I would never apologize to this girl, what will we do next? Kirtida says we have to wait for the right time. Just do what I am saying. I am going to sleep so make juice for me. Asha says okay.

Scene 2
Rani calls Virinda and says Raja does good work, he works so hard.

Gunvant tells Raja that you will handle food for the clients. I know you will bring the best food for them, I know you will make them happy, it’s a big duty. Raja says yes, don’t worry I will bring the best food for them. Gunvant says Hitank was worried but I trust you Raja. Raja starts working. Gunvant smirks and tells Mehul that I have work for you but I can’t give you a job like Raja as you are useless. You should just handle the account, he gives him a checkbook and says do all transactions from it. Hitank asks if he will be able to handle it? Gunvant says he will have to. Raja does his work and leaves. Gunvant says I have trapped Raja again by involving Mehul. I will give small tasks to Raja and will make my sons owner of this shop, he will never understand that.

Rani tells Virinda that Raja is a shop owner but he is responsible and not like others.

Subharambh 30th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Raja brings the food. Rani asks Raja why he is not presenting as it was your idea? Raja says my idea is not to give presentations, Hitank does it, let me take food to them. He starts serving them too. Rani is shocked.

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Telecast Date: 29th January 2020
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