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Subharambh 28th August 2020 Gunvant welcomes Mukesh and says how are you my in-law? Mukesh brings his son Satyam. Gunvant smirks at Raja and Rani. They welcome Mukesh. Kritida whispers to Asha that you were asking where Kesha is getting married to? Kesha is marrying very rich Mukesh’s son.

Kesha calls Utsav and says where are you? She comes outside the house. Utsav calls her and says sir sent the gift to you and you are getting engaged? Kesha says Prakhat knows everything, you don’t think too much, I am going inside so stay here and I will come back to take the gift, she goes in the house. Utsav says these rich people and their problems.

Kesha comes to the lounge all dressed up. Raja nods at Rani. Rani goes to Kesha and welcomes her with Darshna. They all sit down. Rani asks Raja what is going on here? Raja says Gunvant and Mukesh are friends so they might have arranged this marriage. Mukesh is a professional businessman so it won’t affect our deal. Kesha and Satyam exchange rings. They get engaged. Gunvant shares sweets with everyone. Gunvant says I have one more good news for everyone. He says Mukesh and I are starting a business of shoes. He has given me a contract of three shops including that small shop (which he gave to Raja and Rani). Gunvant says we had some misunderstanding but now it’s fine. Rani tells Mukesh that you were to give that shop to us. Mukesh says but I didn’t give it to you, I am the owner so you can’t question me. Rani says people are wrong about you. You are not a professional businessman. Mukesh says I can give you 500 shoes more to sell. Rani says we are not some beggars. Raja says you did a deal with us to give the franchise to us. Mukesh says but I got a better deal so I took it. Rani says you are a liar, we can’t trust people like you. Mukesh says we shouldn’t do business with poor people. Gunvant asks Mukesh to calm down. He says you want to sell shoes? He brings some boxes and shows them a necklace of shoes. Raja and Rani are shocked. He makes them wear it and says now you can sell these. Kesha makes a video of it. Raja glares at Gunvant. Rani is in tears. Hitank asks what he is doing? Gunvant says you shut up. They can roam the streets like this and people will call them shoes Raja and Rani. They all laugh. Rani thanks them and says you didn’t insult us but made us believe in our talent and hard work. Gunvant says you have the talent for doing nothing. Raja sees their golden shoe tied to the necklace. Rani sees it too, they both recall their connection to the shoes. Rani says shoe necklace? Raja says shoe necklace? They both get an idea. Raja says we will open shoe business, we will be Raja and Rani of shoes. Raja says we will make people wear a shoe necklace with pride. Rani says we might give competition to Gunvant. Gunvant says but Mukesh is not giving you shoes. Raja says we will make our own shoes and sell them. They both smile and leave from there.

Utsav shows a video of Gunvant making Raja and Rani wear a shoe necklace. Utsav says Kesha sent it. He says Raja and Rani will open shoe business, I wish I had money to help them. His father says I will help them, he leaves.

Rani tells Raja that how will we do it? Raja says God will help us, these golden shoes have been with us, made us and reunited them too.

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