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Subharambh 27th March 2020 Written Episode, Subharambh Written Update on

** Due to CoronaVirus Outbreak on Shootings Of Serials/New Episodes Have Suffered As Well **.
So Some Episodes Will Not be Telecast and Updated Till New Ones Are Not shot.

Subharambh 27th March 2020 Episode Start With Asha tells Rani to not come to the shop, we don’t want any drama. She leaves. Rani calls and says she is going out.Asha comes outside the house and looks around for Raja. She is about to call him but Utsav hides and takes chloroform tissue. He covers his face and attacks Asha. She faints.

Rani says I have to stop Raja at any cost. She comes to Raja and says I need to talk to you. Raja says I am going to work. Rani says you can’t divorce me by just signing these papers, you want to divorce but I don’t want to, you are not the shop’s owner but I still want to be with you, I will live in any condition you provide me. Raja is surprised and looks at her. They share an eyelock.Utsav puts Asha in the auto and takes her away. He messages Rani that the work is done. Rani tells Raja that I will come with you to help. She goes with him.

Gunvant arrives at the shop and says now I own this shop. He smirks. He says where is no red carpet for me to Popat. Popat says we couldn’t find the red one so we used a green carpet. Gunvant slaps him and you can leave this job. Popat cries and says I have been working for years here, please don’t to it. Gunvant says what I want will happen here now. Hitank and Mehul are shocked. Hitank tells Popat that he will try to talk to Gunvant.
Gunvant comes into the shop and asks them to remove Dhanraj’s photo. The workers put his photo up. Kirtida smiles and you look like a hero. Mehul asks Hitank what has happened to papa Hitank says I don’t understand. Mehul says we should ask our share, he might not give it later. Hitank looks on. They bring Gunvant’s new head seat. Gunvant proudly looks at it and says this is my throne now. The priest says we will start the pooja and then you can sit on this seat.

Raja and Rani come to the shop. Raja gives the pooja things to the worker and doesn’t go inside. Rani says you are not going inside because of the bad fate? I will stay with you, we have many memories in this shop. Raja recalls his moments with Rani in the shop, him seeing her like a statue, them decorating it together and celebrating valentine’s day. He smiles recalling it. Gunvant reads the shop papers and sees his name. He gives the file to the priest. Darshna goes to make the Swastik. Raja and Rani stay outside the shop. She follows him around. Raja looks at her and Shubhaarambh plays. She smiles at him. Raja tells Hitank to tell him if he needs anything. The pooja starts but Rani says Asha is missing. She asks Darshna where is Asha? Darshna says she was going to come with you guys. Raja is shocked. Rani thinks I am sorry Raja but I had to kidnap her so Gunvan’t real face can be seen.

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Telecast Date: 27th March 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv and Voot


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