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Subharambh 27th January 2020 Episode Start With Asha breaks the gutter line and calls everyone. They all are disgusted by the smell. Kirtida thinks that Asha is doing this deliberately. Asha asks Rani to clean the line. Rani is shocked and says what? I will call the janitor, he can do it. She calls him and he says he will come in 2 hours. Asha tells Rani that we can’t stand the smell so you clean it, she leaves. Kirtida tells Rani that you don’t do it, I saw Asha breaking the pipe, she is doing this deliberately. You can fight for your rights, I would never do this with you. Rani angrily leaves from there. Kirtida says now they will fight and I will show it to Raja.

Rani comes to Asha’s room and glares at her. Kirtida is making their video thinking they will fight. Rani goes away and brings the bucket and the cleaner. She leaves from there.
Rani comes out of the house and sees people complaining about the smell. She sees the filth on the floor and says don’t worry, it will be cleaned. She walks in the filth and stops the pipe leakage. Mehul comes there and makes her video. Mehul says she is a gutter daughter in law. All neighbors taunt Rani. Mehul makes her video. Rani cleans the ground. Mehul uploads Rani’s video on the internet and sends it to Utsav too. Utsav gets angry seeing Rani doing the work.
Rani cleans the ground and is about to enter the house but Asha stops her and says you can’t enter the house like this, you are filthy. Rani says then what? Asha throws water on her. Rani is shocked. The neighbors say she is making her daughter in law bathe in front of everyone. Rani is hurt but doesn’t say anything to Asha.

Raja sees Rani’s video of cleaning. Utsav says to him that I did a mistake but I thought you would be Rani in this, how can she be insulted like this?

Rani takes a bathe and sees her video on the internet. Darshna comes there and gives her an ointment. Rani says what’s the big deal in cleaning my house? I don’t find it belittling.
Raja talks to the kids and they say that cleaning the place is not bad. Raja gets an idea.

Rani tells Darshna that these people should clean their mids. She hears the kids chanting her. She comes out. The kids give her a trophy and say you are our idol, you cleaned the place so thank you. The kids start playing with her. Raja hides and makes her video. Rani sees him through a mirror and thinks that Raja is doing all this? Raja hides from her but she smiles. Raja uploads her video of playing with the kids.

Raja comes to his house. Mehul tells Kirtida that this video is getting promoted. Raja takes the phone and says delete this video right now. Mehul deletes it. Raja tells Mehul that don’t forget she is my wife, don’t do this again. He starts to leave but Kirtida tells Mehul that Asha is doing this to insult Rani. Raja hears it and leaves.

Raja comes to Asha and asks if she broke the pipe deliberately? She says actually.. yes I broke the pipe, I don’t want her in this house. Raja says you were happy when you were getting money? She is your daughter in law, give her a chance, don’t do this again with Rani, I will not forgive you. Asha is shocked.

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Telecast Date: 27th January 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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