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Subharambh 16th January 2020 Episode Start With Hitank says that this family is dangerous. Raja says don’t say anything to her. Mehul says her father is a drunk man, her brother is a robber. Gunvant asks them to stop it. Kirtida smirks at him. Raja says it’s not Rani’s fault. Hitank says we can’t keep this girl here, her family is not good, I can’t take this risk, she has to leave.

Utsav says my sister won’t go anywhere. She married here. I got a lottery and arranged her marriage here but that lottery was not mine, it was my bad luck. Asha says what? He says yes and says to the family that Asha asked me to give her all the money, she wanted lottery money of 50 lacs and threatened me that if I didn’t give her money then she would send Rani back. Asha grabs him and says you lied to me, you promised to give me 50 lacs. Utsav says you sold your son.

Asha says yes I did, I sold my son. Raja is shocked. The inspector comes there and asks Gunvant about the robbery? Gunvant says yes, it happened. The inspector sees Utsav and says what this goon is doing here? Asha says he stole from here. The inspector says this time I will send him in jail for 10 years. Rani stops him and says he is my brother, I planned this robbery. I gave the safe keys to him. Raja asks Rani what she is saying? Rani whispers to Virinda and Utsav to not say anything.

Kirtida smirks. Rani looks at Raja and says the truth is that I wanted money in my life, I asked him to lie about the lottery, Asha wanted money but we didn’t have that lottery so I asked him to steal from here and gave him the keys also. Utsav says why are you lying? This Asha asked for a dowry so she is the criminal. Asha says I didn’t do anything. Raja looks at Rani and says we don’t want to file any complaint, we didn’t get lottery money and we paid for honeymoon tickets also thinking that we will get 50 lacs. All are shocked. Rani says what are you saying? Did you know about 50 lacs? Raja says why would I marry a girl like you? I am from a big family.

Asha says what? Raja says let me talk. He tells Rani that Gunvant found a guy for me but I saw you, then I got to know about the lottery so I married you but you cheated me? Rani says I never thought that you married me for money? Raja says why would I marry a useless girl like you? He asks Gunvant to leave them alone, this was a mess. Gunvant leaves. Virinda thinks that Rani lied for Utsav.

Asha thinks that Raja never lied but he did today for this Rani? Kirtida asks Virinda that if she has shame then take this girl away. Virinda says let us talk. Kirtida says this girl can’t stay here. Rani cries and looks at Raja. Gunvant asks Raja to decide. Virinda asks him to think. Rani says the relationships made on lies can’t work. Raja is hurt thinking Rani planned the robbery. Rani says to Raja that see my dreams were bitten again. Raja says me too. They sadly look at each other. Rani gives the keys to Kirtida.Rani packs her bags. Kirtida says what about the tickets? Raja glares at Rani and tears the tickets.


Subharambh 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Rani starts leaving Raja’s house. Kirtida says Raja will divorce Rani if Gunvant says so. Raja is shocked.

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Telecast Date: 16th January 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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