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Story 9 Months Ki 6th January 2021 Episode starts with Alia taking her purse and says sorry to Sarangdhar, while he is still under the table. He hears her voice and says Alia ji…why she would be here. Alia goes to Rabia’s cabin and asks her why donor haven’t come till now. She calls Rahul. Rabia says your donor is sitting in the reception area. Alia says I will meet him. Rabia asks her to talk to him after the work is done. Sarangdhar tells Nurse that he wouldn’t have come, but came to help the girl in her studies. She gives him paper to sign. Rabia congratulates Alia and tells that she will get the sample tested. Alia worries if the sample will be fine and says I want everything to be controlled. Rabia says babies control us and we don’t control them. Alia says I will be fine, if Rishi’s reports are fine. She tells that she feels that she shall meet Rishi and comes out. She sees a couple. Rabia also comes out and says this is my patient and her husband. Alia asks where is my donor? Nurse says he has signed and went. Alia asks what is he wearing? Nurse says orange kurta. Sarangdhar sees babies and kids outside the hospital and thinks why am I seeing them, when I don’t want to have them. Alia sees the orange kurta guy and stops her car. She sees Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar asks are you searching someone else. Alia says forget it. Sarangdhar asks which way you are going? Sarangdhar says good and sits in the car. Alia asks him to take auto or taxi. Sarangdhar says I know you. Alia says I am not your driver. Sarangdhar says I will drive. Alia says I will drive my own car. Rahul thinks Alia will reach office and gets worried. Mala comes to Rahul. Rahul tells that he is very worried due to a big secret. Mala asks him to write on the paper and take the secret out. Rahul says yes. Mala says nice.

Sarangdhar tells Alia that we both are going to office and met outside the baby’s clinic. Alia asks did you come to the hospital? Sarangdhar says no and tells that he stopped to read something written there. He says he don’t want to have kids. Alia asks why? He tells that he has objection with the parents as they control the kids after their birth. Alia thinks of her words. Sarangdhar tells that they shall not talk on that topic.

Kamleshwari threatens Vaid ji and makes him call Brij Mohan asking him to lie to him. Vaid ji calls him and tells that this is the wrong time to have baby and asks him to gift something to his wife and take care of her. Alia and Sarangdhar hear romantic song in the car. Sarangdhar changes the song, but again romantic song plays..he says why such songs are playing today. Alia says office is near.

Rahul writes an apology letter and also his resignation to Alia and keeps it in her cabin. He writes that after Rishi refused to be the donor, even Sarangdhar refused. Brij Mohan comes home and gives gifts to Kamleshwari and asks her to go out. Kamleshwari asks him if she can take Kumkum.

Alia comes to the office and asks her to read the letter, says you will understand everything. Alia says ok, fine. Sarangdhar comes to the office. Rahul runs to him and is about to hit him. Sarangdhar tells that he has given the donation for Meera’s hope. Rahul is relieved and kisses Sarangdhar’s forehead. Mala sees them and gets teary eyes with happiness. Rahul goes to stop Alia from reading the letter. Scarlet asks Mala what happened? Rahul comes to Alia’s cabin and snatches the letter. He tells that he thought Rishi will not come, so he wrote apology and also his resignation. Alia tears the letter and tells that she is rejecting his resignation. She tells that she couldn’t thank Rishi personally, but he has lived upto his commitment and fulfilled it. Rahul looks at Sarangdhar and thinks he is trustable and committed. Alia messages Rabia about the reports. Rabia asks her to enjoy the moment. Sarangdhar tells that they all shall go to Kavya’s café and shall ask Alia’s also. The colleague says Alia will not come. Alia hears them and smiles.

They all come to Kavya’s café. Alia also comes there and says she thought to come there, until reports come. Everyone asks for reports? Rahul and Alia looks on. Rahul says Alia has sent our gifting proposal for research. Alia says that reports. Kavya welcomes Alia. Sarangdhar also comes there and greets Alia. He tells that Kavya is his friend and whenever he is free, he comes to help her. Kavya says you are with your team, so you can join them today. She removes his apron. Alia looks at him. Param asks everyone not to eat anything expensive. Everyone laughs. Alia thinks of Sarangdhar and thinks how did I think of him as my baby’s donor. She thinks it is good that she got Rishi. Sarangdhar dances with all colleagues. Rahul tells Sarangdhar that they are partying because of him. Sarangdhar says it is all your work. Rahul hugs him. They all party and dance. Rabia calls Alia and congratulates her. She asks her to think that she is half pregnant. She tells that sample is healthy and asks where are you? Alia says she came to enjoy the smallest moments. She gets happy.


Story 9 Months Ki 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Alia and Sarangdhar dance with each other in the café. Alia goes through IVF procedure. Sarangdhar tells Kamleshwari that he is feeling that something is going to happen. Kavya hugs Sarangdhar for refusing Alia for her. Alia gets upset.

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Telecast Date:6th January 2021
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