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Story 9 Months Ki 5th January 2021 Episode starts with Alia asking Mala if she got her check up done. Mala says yes, and thanks her. Alia asks her to thank Rahul, says it was his idea and says he is smart. Just then she hears Sarangdhar panicking seeing the injection. Alia goes to him and asks him to breath in and breath out. Doctor takes his blood sample. Someone’s phone rings and everyone hears baby sound. The lab guy takes out his phone. Alia tells Sarangdhar that God has chosen the women for the baby birth, as they can bear pain. Rahul asks the lab guy to do advance test (platinum test) of Sarangdhar. Alia calls Rahul and asks him to call Rishi to the hospital, and asks him not to drink tonight. Rahul says ok, donor will reach there.

Sarangdhar tells Kavya that he never thought to tell poetry in open mic. Rahul comes to the café and thinks to ask Sarangdhar if he will become Alia’s baby father, as his reports are fine. Sarangdhar comes there and meets Rahul. He sees a father dominating his son and tells that he has sworn infront of his father not to become father, as he doesn’t like father’s behavior. Sarangdhar asks what does he wants? Rahul says Sperm. Sarangdhar says ok and goes inside. He then realizes and comes back, asks Rahul what does he want? Rahul asks him to sit.

Alia tells Rabia that she never thought that she will have baby after Veer left. Rahul tells Sarangdhar that he wants the same thing which he heard. Sarangdhar asks if Vicky donor thing. Rahul says yes. Sarangdhar says I want to keep myself safe for someone special. Rahul asks him to understand and tells that his sister wants it for her research. Alia talks to Rabia about her mom. Rabia says you won’t be like that. Rahul says if you don’t give the sample then my sister can’t submit her research. Sarangdhar asks him to give. Rahul says how to give mine, do you think I am healthy and it will be awkward as she is my sister. Alia asks Rabia to monitor everything. Rahul tells Sarangdhar that he will double his salary and also will get good PG house for him. Sarangdhar says he don’t want bribe and goes out. Rabia tells that she has seen the donor’s reports are perfect, all parameters are good. Alia smiles and says just 15 mins are left. Rahul comes to Sarangdhar and asks him to agree. His fake sister comes there and asks him to come there and give the sample at 8 am. She tells that her PhD, life and marriage depends on his decision. She takes Rahul to side and gets money from him. Rahul thinks if Sarangdhar don’t come to the hospital then he has to vacate the house.

Alia writes her life goals on her laptop and smiles. Song plays…..Sarangdhar writes poetry….In the morning, Sarangdhar is still sleeping. Alia gets ready. Sunita asks if she is going to catch the flight. Alia says life’s flight. Sunita says all the best. Alia comes to the hospital and checks the time, it is still 7:15 am. She sits in Rabia’s hospital and waits for the donor. She asks the nurse about Rishi. Nurse says he has an appointment at 8 am. Alia still waits for Rishi and calls Rahul, says your donor haven’t come till now. Rahul says your voice is not coming. Alia goes out to talk to him and says hello Rahul, are you sleeping? Rahul says no. Alia asks where is Rishi? It is 8:30 am and asks where is he? She says if his quality comes in my baby, then? so irresponsible. Rahul says I will find out. Sarangdhar comes there in auto and gets down from the auto. Alia turns to look at him. Rahul calls him, but his number is unreachable.

Alia doesn’t see Sarangdhar. She hears car beeping sound. Sarangdhar comes inside the hospital. Nurse asks may I help you. Sarangdhar says I have an appointment and tells that Rahul sent me. Nurse asks for what? Sarangdhar says for donation. Nurse says you are 1 hour late. Sarangdhar says I couldn’t sleep all night and was in dilemma. He says I came for her studies, studies are very important for me. Nurse tells Rabia that donor came. Rabia sees Sarangdhar and comes to him. She says hi. Sarangdhar says hi and says I saw you somewhere. Rabia says where I can see you? She says I came to thank you, as you are bringing happiness in someone’s life. Sarangdhar asks her to thank Rahul and says he told me, how important is for his sister. Rabia asks sister? Sarangdhar says sister like. Someone goes inside the table. Sarangdhar gets under the table to get it. Rabia sees Alia and is about to take her to her cabin. Alia takes her purse and says sorry to Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar hears her voice and says Alia ji.


Story 9 Months Ki 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rabia tells Alia that she met the donor at the reception. Sarangdhar tells Nurse that he knows that this is necessary for the girl’s PhD. Alia goes out to meet him, but Nurse says he is gone already. Alia asks about his clothes. Nurse says he is wearing orange kurta. Alia spots Sarangdhar and gives him lift in her car. She realizes he is also wearing orange kurta. Sarangdhar says it is a coincidence that we both met outside baby’s clinic.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2021
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