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Story 9 Months Ki 5th April 2021 After 6 years: A girl (Sayuri) is showing scolding a boy. She acts in a filmy style and says her name is Sayuri…She runs after the boy. A boy (Agastya) is shown in the school who hides under the slider. The boys catch him and beat him. Other boys come to Sayuri. Alia asks Rosy about the recipe and tells that she is a bad cook and can’t cook properly even after seeing the recipe. Rahul comes there and asks Alia to come for the meeting. Alia comes to the conference hall. Investor Jeevan comes and sits on her chair. It seems he has taken over her business and she is just an employee of Dilse. Alia tells that she has to go home and take care of her son. Jeevan asks her to hire a nanny. Alia tells that my son waits for me. Jeevan says that’s why I think before hiring woman worker and says you are not alone woman worker, others manage their children. Alia thinks her son is waiting for her. She gets headache. Rahul, Mala and others worry for Alia. Alia says I have to go to my doctor. Rahul and Mala tell that they will take her to hospital. Alia thanks them and tells them that she has to go as Agastya’s bus will come at 5 pm. Rahul says Alia is changed so much. Mala says she has become a mother now.

Sarangdhar is in the meeting with someone. Kamleshwari comes there and tells that my son is a father too along with the writer. Agastya comes down the bus and styles his hair. A shop keeper asks if someone have beaten him. Agastya says he has saved a cat’s kitten. Alia is in the auto and asks the driver to ride fast. She comes to the cart shop and asks where is Agastya? He says she has gone home. Kumkum knocks on the door and tells that Sayuri….Sarangdhar ends the meeting. Alia comes running home. Sarangdhar comes out and finds bruises on Sayuri’s hand. A neighbor tells that she has beaten my boys. Sayuri tells that they have beaten her brother. Sarangdhar apologizes to the lady. Her cousins tell her boy’s names. Sayuri says she don’t remember names. Sarangdhar thinks of Alia and gets upset. The lady asks them to handle the girl and goes. Kamleshwari hugs Sayuri. Sarangdhar tells Sayuri that she has done wrong and will not go out of house for 2 days. Kamleshwari says today she reminded me of…Sarangdhar says she is my daughter and is like me.

Sarangdhar comes to Sayuri, while Alia comes home and sees Agastya. Sarangdhar hugs Sayuri. Alia asks Agastya not to do this again and says Mamma was scared. Sarangdhar tells Sayuri that he gets scared when she does such thing. Agastya tells Alia that Sunita has brought her home. Alia thanks Sunita. Sunita tells that she has brought sabudana khichdi for them. Agastya says he likes it and hugs Sunita. Alia tells that she can’t afford to give her salary and asks her to drink tea made by her. Sunita agrees.

Agastya tells Alia that he is scared of darkness. Alia gets inside her house and tries to switch on lights, recalls that she has forgotten to pay the bill. Sunita insists to stay with them. Alia asks her to go as her daughter must be waiting. She brings him downstairs and make him have food. Agastya tells the school story to the watchman. The watchman tells Alia that Agastya will become a big writer one day. Alia says she wants her son to be a good person. She says what is the use of being a writer, when you lose humanity in yourself.


Story 9 Months Ki 6th April 2021 5th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Alia chats with Sarangdhar on online Chat App and tells that boys bully her son. Sarangdhar says his daughter is Dada/rowdy of the locality. He asks for her name. Alia writes Alia. Sarangdhar looks on.

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Telecast Date:5th April 2021
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