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Story 9 Months Ki 4th January 2021 Episode starts with Rahul looking at Sarangdhar in Kavya’s café. Mala thanks Rahul for inviting her there. Rahul says Sarangdhar told me about this place and praises him. Mala asks when are you ordering new car? Rahul says first let me do Alia’s work first. He asks Mala if Sarangdhar is cute and says even Man will have crush on him. He tells that if the baby is cute like him then…Mala says if the baby is him, then he will be cute. Kavya announces Sarangdhar’s name for the open mic. Sarangdhar asks her to start first. She says some other time. Sarangdhar takes the mic and starts poetry…about Christmas. Alia messages Rahul if the paper work is completed with Rishi. Rahul messages yes and congrats her. Alia jumps in happiness and expresses her joy. Sunita comes there and asks what happened? Alia says I am so happy and asks her to go home, says your kids must be waiting. Sunita says ok, I will go. Alia messages thank you to Rahul with a smilie. Kya Karen song plays…….She falls on the bed and smiles. Sarangdhar tells the poetry in which he asks the people to welcome the new year, like they grow the new plant. Everyone claps for him.

Next day, Sarangdhar helps a lady to fetch water. Rahul looks at him and thinks he is like Alia, helpful. He looks at him and thinks baby will be with Alia, so will have class. He thinks Alia also enjoys tea like Sarangdhar and thinks to get more details of him. He comes to the office. Alia asks him to show the papers which Rishi signed. Rahul says sorry and tells that Rishi didn’t come as his girlfriend asked him not to become the donor. Alia says you lied to me yesterday and fires him, says she is also cancelling the cheque. It is his imagination. Alia comes there in reality and asks him to show the papers which donor signed. Rahul tells that Rishi has kept it with him to read. Alia thanks him. Rahul says your baby will be like you. Alia says I will make baby like me. She asks him to tell what to gift to employees. Rahul says I will think and tell you. She goes. Rahul thinks baby will be like Alia. Sarangdhar comes to the office. Alia wishes him goodmorning and goes. Sarangdhar thinks she wished him good morning and says my morning is good. Rahul is surprised to see him and tells that Alia gave him secret work. Sarangdhar asks what? Rahul says Alia wants employees to take IQ test, fitness test etc. Sarangdhar refuses to give the IQ test and gives his own reasoning. Rahul thinks he is intelligent and told right thing.

Alia comes to do the exercise with other ladies. She sees Nitya there, but is forced to do exercise with her. Nitya tells Alia that they didn’t mean to hurt her. Alia says if he didn’t mean to hurt me then why he refused to give divorce. Nitya is shocked.

Chote lal tells everyone that someone sent the sweets for Alia, but she don’t eat, so we all shall eat it. Sarangdhar says this time she will eat first and takes the sweets to her cabin. He tells about the Christmas sweets sent for her. Alia says she don’t eat sweets. Sarangdhar says didn’t you want to see what is sent for this festive season. Alia says ok and asks him to keep the sweets box. Sarangdhar goes out. Alia tastes sweets and smiles. Rahul thinks Sarangdhar made Alia smile and taste the sweets which nobody could do. He thinks Sarangdhar is the perfect donor for Alia’s baby. He thinks to get his medical test done.

He conducts medical tests for all the employees to get Sarangdhar tested. He tells Sarangdhar that Alia gets all the employees tested every year to make sure that they are healthy. Sarangdhar says he is healthy and don’t need to be tested. He says he will have tea and is going in the lift.

Rahul thinks if Alia comes to know that there is no donor then she will shout big. He gets in the lift. Sarangdhar tells that he is scared of injection. Rahul says you are a coward. Sarangdhar says my Bapu tells the same. Rahul tells Sarangdhar to come and do the test, says Alia is so worried for you, I mean for everyone. Sarangdhar asks him to let him go. Rahul refuses and tries to convince him for the test. Nitya asks Veer, why is he backing off to divorce Alia? She says she will not waste her time and asks him to say. Rahul tells Sarangdhar that he shall tell the truth to him and says Alia wants her employees to donate their blood being the gifting company. Sarangdhar asks why didn’t you tell me before? Mala greets Alia as she comes to the office. Alia asks did you get your check up done? Mala says no. Just then she hears Sarangdhar shouting and goes to see him. Sarangdhar makes faces being afraid of test.


Story 9 Months Ki 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Alia asks if Rishi came. Rabia tells that donor came. She thanks Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar asks her to thank Rahul and says he told me how much important is this for his sister? Alia comes there. Sarangdhar bends down to get something from under the table.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2021
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