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Story 9 Months Ki 31st December 2020 Episode starts with Alia waiting to hear confirmation from the donor. She eats something and makes it fall on her shirt. Param tells colleagues that it is good that you all are decorating yourself and handling the budgets. Faheem brings Santa cap and makes him wear it. Param says so much lights? They laughs. Sarangdhar comes there. Mala and others tell that they play secret Santa every year and give secret gifts to each other. Sarangdhar suggests that they shall get Dilse gifts and asks Alia if they can buy the sample gifts, as they don’t have time to buy outside gifts. Alia says ok. They all get happy. Rahul comes to his laptop and waits for Rishi’s message. He sees GK 2020 on his laptop and thinks someone answered all questions correctly. Sarangdhar comes there and takes his diary. Rahul thinks he can’t be superhero. Sarangdhar comes back and tells that he took GK test. Rahul says you have answered everything rightly and tells that he has brought it for 30 dollars. Sarangdhar says one shall do mind exercise too. He goes. Scarlet asks them to get secret gifts for the person whose name came in the chit and also write message to Alia. Rahul sees Sarangdhar getting Mala’s name and requests him to change with his chit. Sarangdhar agrees. Rahul gives her Alia’s name chit. Sarangdhar thinks what to gift her?

Alia looks at the Christmas cap and recalls her childhood. A fb is shown, her friend tells Alia that she will share her Mamma with her and Alia wishing Santa to send her mom. Rabia calls Alia and asks how is she? Alia says I was thinking that I used to ask Santa to give my mom every year. Rabia says you are real Santa as you sends gifts. She says now you have chosen your donor and asks her to believe in magic for one day. Alia says even today she wants to believe in magic today, and waiting for confirmation from the donor. Rabia says your donor will confirm and wishes her merry Christmas. Alia wishes her merry Christmas. Rahul calls Rishi and asks if he thought about that matter and asks him to inform him by evening. Sarangdhar thinks what to gift Alia and tells poetry praising her. He tells that searching gift for Alia is like searching coal in the mine. Everyone comes ready with the gift? Sarangdhar opens the box and tells Param that the gift is good, bucket. Mala likes the gift chosen by Rahul, but Param says it is not among the gifts which was to be chosen. Sarangdhar thinks what to gift Alia? Rahul waits for Rishi’s confirmation message and finds no network in his phone. Chote Lal comes as Santa and gives them gifts. Mala asks Rahul where is he going and tells that everyone is going to read secret notes, if he don’t want to hear? Rahul says yes, but I will come in sometime. Sarangdhar comes to Alia and tells that he didn’t think of a gift, so he came himself. Alia says its ok Sarangdhar. He brings guitar and begins singing song…sochti hai zyada….praising Alia….Alia says its ok Sarang. Sarangdhar continues singing and is about to fall, but she holds his hand and laughs. Rahul looks at them and thinks guy is good and can make Alia smiles and says this is enough for today, merry Christmas. Sarangdhar gives the Christmas wishes notes in the bowl to her and asks her to read. Alia says I will read it. Alia reads the chits/wishes written by Param and Sarangdhar…She smiles reading Sarangdhar’s wishes. Sarangdhar looks at her and smiles. Rahul sees Param dancing with mala and gets upset. Everyone dances to mark the new year…song plays….Sarangdhar picks the call of Nandini and transfers the call to Alia. Alia says hello. Nandini wishes her merry Christmas. Alia looks on.

Alia ends the call and looks at Sarangdhar, who has connected the call to her. She walks towards him in anger. Rahul comes infront of her and says donor is found of your choice. Alia’s anger melts and she smiles…She thinks of her words that she wants to be the best mother and wants the pure form of love which a baby and mother feel for each other. She gets happy and jumps in happiness. Sarangdhar dances with all the staff members.

Everyone have snacks and plan to play football. Chote lal tells that he will bring something from kitchen. Sarangdhar says he will bring. Alia goes to the kitchen and dances…ude dil befikre plays……Sarangdhar hides seeing her dancing and laughs. Alia hears him laughing and asks what are you doing? She is eating cake and it gets stuck in her throat. Sarangdhar looks at her.


Story 9 Months Ki 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Alia is happy about the baby. Rishi meets Sarangdhar accidentally and tells about his dilemma. Sarangdhar advices him to listen to his heart. Rishi thanks and hugs him.

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Telecast Date:31st December 2020
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