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Story 9 Months Ki 30th December 2020 Episode starts with Kavya asking Sarangdhar, how can he change the plan so suddenly. She says I thought yo as a good friend. Sarangdhar says I got a good writing job and asks her to understand. She asks how did he like her acting? Sarangdhar asks if she was acting…She says she will fail everyone in acting and sings a song. He asks her to take part in open mic as she sings well. Kavya says she don’t sing and tells that she has some work now. Sarangdhar says we will meet in the evening and goes. Alia takes interviews of the prospective donors and rejects them. Kamleshwari thinks how did he think and she feels ashamed with the thought of having another baby at this age. Brij Mohan goes out. Kamleshwari tells Kumkum that she is going for the aarti and follows Brij Mohan. She sees Brij Mohan coming to a vaid and getting medicine from him. Brij Mohan promises to make temple of the vaid.

Rahul calls Alia and tells that a guy’s IQ is 140. He says I have disappointed you before, but…Alia says she was also disappointed and asks him to connect her to that guy? She talks to the guy Rishi and questions him about sperm donation. He tells that it is nothing either good or bad, but your thinking makes it feel so. She likes it. They go on talking. Rishi says Dubai is his favorite place. Alia says brilliant…Rishi says he couldn’t sleep until he completes the work. Alia says work comes first. He says emotions are so overrated and says money don’t comes due to emotions in bank accounts. Alia says even she feels the same and tells that it is so nice talking to him. She ends the call and calls Rahul, tells that she feels that she got the perfect donor for her baby. Rahul gets happy and says perfect.

Mala promotes the show Ahilya and tells that she wants to watch the show. She tells that she gets courage seeing such show. The colleagues tell that they shall watch together. Ramesh, Gurpal and other guy gift a shirt to Sarangdhar and asks him to wear. They ask him to go for the shop. The neighbor lady brings curd and sugar and makes him taste it. Ramesh asks him to go. The boy asks him to bring sweets. Sarangdhar says ok. He takes his diary and gets emotional. He turns to Ramesh and others. He says you all made me emotional, if I go with red and swollen eyes, then people will think that I am beaten up.

Sarangdhar comes to the office. Scarlet says you can’t come inside. Sarangdhar asks how is he? Scarlet says you can’t go inside, I have to ask Alia? Sarangdhar tells poetry praising her beauty. Mala comes there. Sarangdhar asks how is she? Mala asks how is he? Sarangdhar says he is fine. Mala calls everyone and tells that he has done wonders in Mr. Poonawala’s anniversary. Rahul says yes. Mala says you always tell that Alia is always right. Rahul says absolutely. Mala says Alia was wrong this time, she tells that data and emotions will have a fight. She says Alia or Sarang, who will win the war. Alia comes there and hears her. She goes to her cabin. Mala thinks she made her job in risk. Alia asks Rahul to inform everyone to reach in the conference hall in 15 mins. Mala thinks she has lost the job. Alia comes to the conference hall and asks where is Sarangdhar? Sarangdhar comes there and says sorry. Alia tells that we have 25 percent declined in our sales in 2020. She says we have time to cover up. She tells that she has decided to launch new campaign or day on the social media, express yourself. She tells that we couldn’t express our emotions and we miss it. She tells that this times’ experience has made people invest in their relation. She says all we have to make sure that make their emotions expressed through Dilse. Rahul says wow Alia..your idea is good. Sarangdhar says I don’t think your idea is good. Alia looks at him.

Sarangdhar says people’s heart is already weak and what we are telling them, costly stuff. He says people have become stable and giving their precious time to their family. Alia says business don’t run with poetry and you might only think that people don’t need gifts. Sarangdhar says Alia ji. Alia says we shall keep poll on social media and see if people like express your day idea or not. She asks them to write 21 percent discounts on the gifts. Mala says 21 percent. Alia says yes. She says we have 1 hour and will meet at 4 pm. They keep the poll on the social media. Alia comes to the conference hall and tells that because of this poll, she is pretty hopeful as 97 percent people likes express your day campaign. She tells that to save the losses and to save her staff job, business needs strategy and planning. Sarangdhar looks on.

Mala tells Sarangdhar that she has voted against this idea. Sarangdhar says our ideas match. Mala says Alia will work and will make us work too. She makes coffee fall down on Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar goes to wash the stain. Alia thinks why this donor is not confirming. Rahul waits for the donor’s call and thinks he is 10 out of 10. Mr. Poonawala laughs hearing the campaign is happening because of Sarangdhar. She tells that she wants to express to him that business don’t run with emotions. Mr. Poonawala says Sarangdhar is showing you other side of the coin and asks her not to close her eyes. He says you are mind’s logical left side and he is creative right side. He says he heard that many orders are coming. Alia says Sarangdhar is not with me, but against me. He says if he had not gone against you then you wouldn’t have held the poll. He asks Rahul if he is ordering food for everyone. Rahul says he is waiting for confirmation from the donor. He then says he is an organ donor. Mr. Poonawala asks Alia to celebrate Christmas and tells that he will be celebrating even after this is Persis’ last year. He asks her to celebrate. Rahul says even he votes for the celebration. Alia thinks this will be her best new year.


Story 9 Months Ki 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Alia waits for Rishi’s call and is hopeful. Sarangdhar transfers the call to Alia. Rahul meets Alia. Alia smiles hopefully. Sarangdhar looks at her.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2020
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