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Story 9 Months Ki 29th January 2021 Episode starts with Alia asking Sarangdhar if he thought something? Sarangdhar says though I haven’t planned this baby, but I will take up its full responsibility. Alia smiles and says I understand Sarangdhar. She says when I came to know that I am pregnant, coincidentally even you was there. I was very nervous and excited and even now. She says whenever I think about my baby, my heart beat increases and my wait is finally over. Sarangdhar says happiness reflects in your eyes, Alia ji. Alia says but fear is seen in your eyes and asks what was the first feeling when he came to know about her baby. He recalls feeling shocked. Alia says when we get something suddenly unexpected, then we can’t handle it as we think it as a burden. She says my mom Nandini Sharma, left me, her daughter to be a painter, to chase her dream. She asks what is the guarantee that you will not choose your career over the baby. She asks why you are thinking to be a father, when you want to be a writer. She says I don’t want you to go away from my baby’s life like my mother went, and don’t want my baby to get hurt like me in childhood. She recalls Nandini leaving her. She says no child shall get hurt like this, and says they break and shattered. She says it is better that the baby shall not know about you. Sarangdhar says he is my baby too, what are you saying, why will I leave him? Alia says you might be thinking that you shall take up this responsibility due to emotions, when you have something else expectations from life. She asks him to think that he is not the father of the baby and think that he did it for science. Sarangdhar says it is not that I hate kids and tells that his childhood. Alia says I know that you share the same relationship with your dad, like I share with Nandini Sharma. She says do you know what is the difference between you and me. She says she wants to give the love to her baby which she never got and says you don’t want to be a dad.

She says I understand that our childhood experiences might be same, but our way to see the life is different. She says she wants to give the same life to her baby, which she lives. She says you came here seeing an interview, but I don’t do anything without planning. She says she don’t take any impulsive decisions. She asks did you know why I called you here. Sarangdhar says no. Alia says this is Mumbai’s best International school, my baby will study here, I have paid the fees and reserved the admission. She says I have planned everything for my baby and don’t want to do anything without planning. She says she is capable to fulfill all her baby’s needs. She says you stay in a house with three people, and says you have to make your name in the industry as a successful writer. She says I didn’t mean to insult you, but you are not ready to become a father. She says I am not saying that money is very important, as my father was rich, but he never gave me time. She says but she will give her time to her baby and says she is focused about her work, as when her baby comes, then she can give him time. She says when baby comes, that time you might be struggling and can’t give time to the baby. She says our thinking and goals are different. Sarangdhar gets teary eyes and cries. Alia says then also I want to thank you. Sarangdhar asks why? Alia says you have helped my dream to become a mother and now I will help you to become a writer. She says you are a good writer and I will help you to bring out your talent infront of the people. She brings cheque from her car and asks him to write a book and get it published. She says I will help you, but don’t come in my and my baby’s way. She asks him to take the cheque and asks him not to think that she is keeping him away from her baby. She says this is the way to thank you, to fulfill my dreams of becoming a mother. Aye Khuda yeh kya kiya khuda…She keeps cheque in his hand and walks towards her car. She feels apologetic and thinks my way might be wrong, but my intention is right for my baby.

She gets a call from Mr. Poonawala. Mr. Poonawala asks if gifting and poetry are ready for his grand child. Alia thinks she has forgotten and says it is ready. He says he will come tomorrow. She comes to Sarangdhar in her car and asks him to write poetry for Mr. Poonawala. He says when I am not capable to be a father, then how I will write a poem. Alia says she keeps her personal and professional life differently and asks him to write poem, as Mr. Poonawala likes it. Sarangdhar says ok. She goes in her car.

Sarangdhar thinks of Brij Mohan and Alia’s words. He comes to Kavya’s café. Kavya thinks why Sarangdhar is sad and upset. He sits outside the café and cries.

Kamleshwari picks Sarangdhar’s call. Sarangdhar says I will get lost in this big city. Kamleshwari says you will become big and says when you was 20 years old, then Pandit ji saw your kundali. Sarangdhar says when he was in his house, he used to live his life according to Brij Mohan’s wish and now when he is writer in Alia’s company, he has to do everything according to her. He says I am just zero. Kamleshwari asks why are you saying this? Alia thinks it was very difficult to hear for Sarangdhar, and it was equivalent difficult for me to say all that. Kamleshwari asks him to come home. Sarangdhar refuses to come and feels defeated. Kamleshwari asks him not to talk such depressing things and asks him to stop crying, else she will cry too. She asks him to drink water. Sarangdhar cries badly. Kavya looks at him crying badly from there. She comes to him and asks what happened? She asks if he is fine? Kamleshwari asks him to stop crying, else she will cry too. Kavya takes the call and hears Kamleshwari asking him to return and cursing the people who made him cry. Kavya says she is on the call. Kamleshwari asks did you people fight? Kavya says no, he just came to the Café. Kamleshwari says he had told me that you loves him and is a good friend. Kavya says he had written an emotional poet and that’s why cried. Kamleshwari asks her to promise that she will take care of Sarangdhar. Kavya promises her. Kamleshwari asks her to give her number and ends the call. Kavya comes to Sarangdhar and asks him to come. Alia feels bad and thinks Sarangdhar had felt bad when I fired him the first time. She thinks today why I am feeling bad seeing him hurt.


Story 9 Months Ki 30th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Alia asks Sarangdhar why did he come? Sarangdhar says he came to say about his heart and bends down on his knees. He says he will never leave her hand and will walk like a reflection with her. He will never let her go away from him. Alia looks on.

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Telecast Date:29th January 2021
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