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Story 9 Months Ki 26th January 2021 Alia tells that this feeling is irreplaceable, as someone is hugging you for 9 months and says this baby is my whole world, and I want to give it all the world as a mother and father. She turns to Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar says I knew Alia ji, I have seen the contract. She asks did you read it? He says I saw the title header when the envelope fell down. Alia says why are you interfering in my life. Sarangdhar says he couldn’t handle his own life. He goes. Rahul goes to the writing team and says there is a good news. She says Alia has decided that everyone will do work from home. Scarlet says this rule is for the expecting mothers. Rahul says Alia has decided. Sarangdhar looks at Alia. Alia turns her face. Sarangdhar thinks this is happening due to me, as she wants to keep distance from me. Alia thinks this is not the permanent solution, I have to keep myself and the baby away from Sarangdhar. She goes out of office. Sarangdhar tries to talk to her, but she goes in the lift. Alia talks to Rabia and tells that Sarangdhar gets to know about me unknowingly and tells that he has become her donor by mistake and tells that she don’t want him to resign the job. Sarangdhar tells Ramesh that Alia wants to keep him away from her and that’s why offered them to do work from home. Alia tells Rabia that if she gets him more good job than DDS then he will leave the job. She gets the coin which Sarangdhar gave him.

Sarangdhar wakes up and thinks he got late. He then thinks that he has to do work from home. Alia tells to Mr. Mehta and asks him to hire Sarangdhar in his company. She goes on praising him. Mr. Mehta tells that he can’t hire him as his job experience is less. Alia praises him a lot and says he is a good writer and many of her clients like his poetry. Mr. Mehta says you have praised someone a lot for the first time. Alia says he is really a good writer. Mr. Mehta agrees to hire him. Sarangdhar comes out of the house and sits under the tree to write something, when he gets Mr. Mehta’s call, who gives him an offer to work in his production house. Sarangdhar says he is doing work in Dilse, but can work with him too. Mr. Mehta agrees. Alia thinks Mr. Mehta will offer him a role and then he will be out from their lives. She thinks her baby is only hers.

Sarangdhar comes to meet Mehta. The girl Meera who acted to be Rahul’s sister is there for the acting. Sarangdhar doesn’t see her and goes to meet Mehta. Mehta offers him film role and offers 15 lakhs for the story. Sarangdhar gets shocked. Mr. Mehta asks him not to be greedy. Sarangdhar says he is happy that he got a chance to write a story. Mr. Mehta asks him not to write anything for anyone, until he works for his film. Sarangdhar tells that he is working in Dilse. Mehta asks him to leave the job.

Sarangdhar says he can’t leave the job. Mehta says I want your work 100 percent. Sarangdhar says I will work for you in day and Dilse in night. Sarangdhar says it is against his ethics. Mehta asks him to grab the chance when it comes. Sarangdhar thinks of his father’s words and Amma’s words and tells that his Amma had told him that do anything, but don’t betray anything. Mehta says you are not betraying anyone. Sarangdhar says I came here seeing Alia ji’s interview and tells that he can’t betray her job and can’t leave it mid way. Mehta says you are getting a chance to write a film. Sarangdhar asks him to inform him, if he changes his mind to hire him for part time along with Dilse work. He goes. Sarangdhar collides with Meera and asks what is she doing here? Meera is about to say, when the director comes and sends her. Sarangdhar asks why she is acting here when she is PhD. The director says she is the junior artiste. Sarangdhar thinks why did Rahul lie to me. Sarangdhar comes to Rahul’s house. Rahul gets shocked.


Story 9 Months Ki 27th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarangdhar comes to Rahul’s house and asks whose donor he has become by mistake. Rahul says Alia’s baby. Sarangdhar is shocked and comes to Alia. He comes to know that she knows about him being the donor of her baby.

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Telecast Date:26th January 2021
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