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Story 9 Months Ki 25th March 2021 Episode starts with Alia and Kamleshwari are in the car. Alia asks Kamleshwari not to take stress and says Sarangdhar couldn’t come home due to some reasons and asks her to go home. Kamleshwari asks her to go home and not to worry. A guy comes and knocks on the window, shows Sarangdhar’s wallet. Alia asks from where did you get this wallet? The guy/goon asks her to meet him in his house and gives the address tomorrow afternoon, and if she tells anyone then she will not get anything. Kamleshwari asks Alia not to tell anyone. Brij Mohan asks Kamleshwari why was she calling him. Kamleshwari says she had some work. Brij Mohan asks about Lalla. Kamleshwari says he went out. Kusum says she is going for work and takes tiffin from Kamleshwari. Kamleshwari asks her to drop her to the temple. Brij Mohan asks if she is going to theatre and says he will also come with her.

Kamleshwari says ok. Alia wakes up in the morning and finds her ring missing from her chain. She cries and searches it. Nandini tries to pacify her and asks Elaichi to bring water. Elaichi brings water. Alia finds ring in Elaichi’s finger and takes her ring out. Elaichi says she has found it in the kitchen. Nandini says she shall not wear anyone’s ring like this. Param calls her and tells that there is a theft in the office. Alia comes to the office and comes to know that theft happened on Sarangdhar’s desk. She comes out of the office and comes to the goon’s area. He takes her to other goons. Alia asks them to tell who has stolen this wallet. A goon tells that he had stolen it, but didn’t get much money. He tells that he had stolen it from a guy’s pocket outside a café. Alia goes to the café and asks the manager to show the CCTV footage, as her fiancé is missing.

Manager shows her CCTV footage. Alia sees Sarangdhar coming to the café and meeting Gautam, and leaving in anger from there. She then comes out of café and informs Kamleshwari that Sarangdhar must be safe. Kamleshwari asks her to keep her informed. She prays to God for Sarangdhar. Brij Mohan asks what else she wants and asks her to pray for him too. Kamleshwari says she prays for him daily and tells that they will return soon. Brij Mohan says how to leave without getting him engaged. He gets a call from someone and scolds him for calling him. Alia thinks Gautam and Sarangdhar must have fought and thinks once she meets Sarangdhar then she will lock them in room together. Kamleshwari gets suspicious seeing Brij Mohan telling someone that his respect is bigger than his kids and he don’t want such kids who ruins his respect. Just then she finds him missing.

Alia comes to Gautam and asks where is Sarangdhar? Gautam asks how do you know? Alia asks him not to act and says he had met you last. She says he has gone missing. Gautam asks what are you saying? Alia says did you know that he was in pressure already and asks what did you tell him. Gautam says I really don’t know. Alia asks what happened between you both. Gautam says I told him that I will bear marriage expenses, but he refused. He says after meeting Sarangdhar, he came to meet Nandini. Alia realizes he is really missing and goes out. Kamleshwari calls Alia and tells that Brij Mohan has gone missing. Alia says I will come there. She comes there and takes Kamleshwari in car. She asks her to tell what happened? Kamleshwari tells that Brij mohan’s call is ringing, but he is not picking the call. Alia tells that papa doesn’t know where is Sarangdhar. Kamleshwari tells that Kusum’s father was talking strange and tells that he was telling that the kids who don’t care about his family, are not his children and he don’t care for them.

Faheem does meeting with client. Param asks what is the use of security system when thief can get inside easily. Inspector says it seems you don’t give much salary to the employees, but nothing precious is stolen. Param says only I know the safe password. Faheem asks when Alia is going. Param says don’t know. Rahul and Mala have a talk. Alia and Kamleshwari come to the PS. Inspector shows them CCTV footage and says your fiancé is taking some unwell man to his house. He says we are trying to know about him. Alia asks him to track the auto. Inspector says cheap camera was installed and they couldn’t catch the auto number. He gets a call and says phone’s location is found as in phone setting location was on. Alia looks on.


Story 9 Months Ki 26th March 2021 25th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nandini calls Rabia. Rabia tells her about complication in Alia’s pregnancy. Kusum and Pavan gets shocked seeing Brij Mohan falling injured in the house.

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Telecast Date:25th March 2021
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