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Story 9 Months Ki 1st January 2021 Episode starts with Sarangdhar laughing seeing Alia dancing. Alia is dancing and eating cake, she asks you are here? The cake gets stuck in her throat and she chokes. Sarangdhar says he will call ambulance. Alia signs him to pat on her back, but he asks how? He pats on her back and she gets fine. She asks if he don’t know that we shall pat if someone chokes. He says you was doing that good. Alia says nobody shall know. He says do I look like a fool and says merry Christmas. He goes. Alia smiles and thinks next Christmas, my baby will be with me. Mala asks Rahul to drop her home in cab. Alia comes to Rahul and calls him in her cabin. Rahul goes to her cabin and says yes Alia. Alia gets emotional and thanks Rahul for searching a perfect donor for her baby. She is about to hug him. He shakes hand with her. She gives him bonus as promised. Rahul says I will start the paper work tomorrow. He goes. Alia messages Rabia that she has found the perfect donor.

Sarangdhar reaches home and tells that he didn’t drink in office, as he wanted to drink with them. Mala is booking cab for her. Rahul says very soon he will buy a car and will drop her home daily. Mala smiles. Ramesh, Sarangdhar and others drink wine. Ramesh asks if God exists? Sarangdhar says I don’t know, but I have so much devotion for you. He says you gave me shelter and made me believe on myself, you pushed me and made me writer. Ramesh asks him not to make him emotional. Alia falls on the bed and smiles. Sarangdhar says Alia said that you are a good writer, but idiot too. Sulaiman says you heard the complain and saying this. Sarangdhar says it is a big thing for me, as Alia called me as writer. He says everyone knew me as Lalla till now, but now someone know me by my name. He says he has some identity now. Ramesh asks him to call Brij Mohan. Sarangdhar calls him and asks him to drown in Jamuna, but he will not say where is he? Brij Mohan laughs and asks why he called? Sarangdhar says he has become a writer and his boss came to his house and offered him writer’s job. Brij Mohan says you are a coal. Sarangdhar says he is a diamond and says everyone in Mathura and the world will know my name and will read my books. He says I called you to give the good news to you and is ending the call. Brij Mohan says I have made arrangements for my happiness and says I have nothing to do with you. Sarangdhar says you are the first father who is not happy with his son’s achievement. Brij Mohan says you will return home tired. Sarangdhar tells Shakespeare’s words and ends the call.

Alia calls Rahul. Rahul says he is on the way and going to get Rishi’s signs on the papers. Alia asks if all the papers are in place. Rahul says yes. Alia says I never believed in Santa Claus and tells that he is her Santa now. A lady gets down from the auto and tries to take out the painting/frame from the auto. Driver offers help, but she refuses. Sarangdhar comes and offers help, says sometimes she shall take help. She says she is habitual not to take help from anyone now and thanks him. He takes her to Kavya’s café. The lady thanks him. Sarangdhar says hi to Kavya. Kavya asks him to participate in open mic. Sarangdhar says ok. He goes to the playground, where he sees Rishi waiting for Rahul. Rishi asks if he is Rahul? Sarangdhar says no. He asks why is he looking tensed? Rishi tells that he is in dilemma, as he has made a commitment, which is confidential, but his girlfriend Tania asked him not to fulfill his commitment. He tells that he has made a commitment to give a big happiness to someone, says how to back off. Sarangdhar asks him to listen to his heart.

Rishi says I don’t understand whom to listen, mind or heart. Sarangdhar tells that there is solution for it and asks if someone else will fulfill this commitment. Rishi says yes, someone can, but needs lots of hardwork. Sarangdhar says then someone else can fulfill that commitment, but only you can fulfill Tania’s wish. Rishi hugs and thanks him for taking him out of the dilemma. Sarangdhar goes to the play ground. Rishi calls Rahul. Rahul tells that he is on the way. Rishi says he is leaving and tells that he can’t become a donor. Rahul says you have agreed and confirmed to become a donor. Rishi says if I become the donor then my girlfriend will leave me. Rahul thinks what to tell Alia, as she was very happy. He gets worried.

Sarangdhar starts playing football in the play ground. Rahul is sitting there and rejecting Alia’s calls. Alia gets worried. Rahul picks Alia’s call and she asks if he talked to Rishi. Just then she scolds someone and tells that once he commits then he shall not back off. She tells she wants the work to be done, and tells that if he can’t do the work then she will fire him. Rahul asks what is she doing in the office. She tells that she is getting baby nursery made in the office, and asks the guy to handle the cradle carefully. Rahul gets tensed. Sarangdhar removes his tshirt while playing football. Football hits on Rahul’s head. Rahul looks at Sarangdhar while he goes shirtless and pours water on his body. Rahul thinks of him and thinks he has passed the GK test. Rahul thinks the donor whom Alia rejected, are also not available now. He thinks to test Sarangdhar and looks at him in the café.


Story 9 Months Ki 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Alia asks Rahul if Rishi came? Rahul convinces Sarangdhar by making an excuse. Rabia thanks Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar says you shall thank Rahul as I know that it is very important for his sister. Just then Alia comes there and is about to see Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar goes under the table to get something.

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Telecast Date:1st January 2021
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