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Story 9 Months Ki 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Story 9 Months Ki 15th January 2021 Episode starts with Alia looking at the pregnancy strip and comes out of the bathroom. Just then door bell is ring. She opens the door. Sarangdhar says your bag was left in the café and asks if everything alright? Alia says everything is fine and gets tears in her eyes. Sarangdhar asks if everything is fine then why are you crying? He asks her to take the breathes and tell him while controlling her emotions. Alia cries more. Sarangdhar says I said this, so that you calm down, but you are crying more. He goes to get water for her and comes to her. He asks her to drink water and says you will feel good. Alia smiles with tears in her eyes. Sarangdhar goes on speaking, while Alia is emotional. She tells him that she is going to be a mother. Sarangdhar is shocked. Alia smiles and nods her head, says I am pregnant.

Saanson me song plays…….Alia smiles and cries…Sarangdhar smiles seeing her smiling and emotional. He says you are going to be a mother and asks if she is happy. Alia says yes, this is my life’s biggest moment. Sarangdhar congratulates her happily and says when your baby comes, I will tell him that you gave me the good news to me first. Door bell rings. Rabia comes there and sees Sarangdhar. She sees Alia crying and asks what did you do? Sarangdhar says she told me. He says Alia ji told me. Rabia is shocked. Alia says I am pregnant, my result is positive. She hugs her and says my own baby, I will be the world’s best mother. Sarangdhar smiles seeing her happy. Rabia says I know you will be a good mother and congratulates her. She asks her to smile. Rabia says I want to tell you something..Alia.

Kavya is working in the café. Alia asks Rabia to say. Sarangdhar asks Alia to call him without any hesitation, if she needs anything. He says once again congratulation. Alia thanks him. He goes. Alia asks what you was saying? Rabia says this baby is yours, no matter who the donor is. Alia says my baby, my own flesh and blood. She asks why are you worried? Rabia looks tensed. Alia says you wanted to talk to me something important and says she was busy. Rabia asks her about Sarangdhar. Alia says he is a good writer, but gives him opinions at everything, says he is loud and irritating sometimes.

Sarangdhar comes to Kavya’s café. Kavya asks are you nervous? Sarangdhar says no. Kavya says I just said I love you and didn’t ask you to marry me. She asks did you like me? Sarangdhar says I like you, but…Kavya asks did you get married in childhood? Sarangdhar says no and thinks of Alia. He says I didn’t think you as my girlfriend. Kavya asks him to think her as his girlfriend. He gives him an idea to think her as a girlfriend for a month. Sarangdhar says may be after a month, you might think that you are just attracted. She says you might tell me that you loves me.

Rabia says I saw him Sarangdhar here twice and that’s why I asked. Alia says it is a coincidence. She asks what is the important work for what you came. Rabia says she made excuse to meet her and hugs her. Sarangdhar and Kavya drink juice. Kavya asks him to do something special on their first date. Sarangdhar says some other time. Kavya sings and says I am requesting you. Sarangdhar thinks of Alia and sings song…..Kavya sings along with him. Alia looks at the soft toys in the room. Sarangdhar and Kavya smiles.

Alia looks at the baby cradle in her room and imagines Sarangdhar telling that he is here to help her. Alia wakes up from sleep and thinks why Sarangdhar came in my dream. She thinks why did I tell him. Sarangdhar thinks of Alia telling sharing secret with him. She calls him. Sarangdhar picks the call and asks shall I come there, are you fine? Ramesh asks him to go out and talk. Sarangdhar comes to the balcony and asks her to say. Alia says she do trust him, but don’t know why did she share with him. She asks did you know what I asked you not to share with anyone. He asks her to breathe in and breathe out. He asks her to think about Husky, Alibaug, sun, moon…(he thinks of their moments). He asks her to think about her baby.

He asks what did you share with me, that I shall not share with anyone. Alia says that I am pregnant. Sarangdhar asks did I tell anyone that you are scared of darkness, then why will I tell about this. Alia says I am not doubting you, but requesting you and says I know that…you always helps me and thanks him. Sarangdhar says you have trusted me and I will keep it. He says whatever you have shared with me, I will keep that part safely with me. Alia thanks him and ends the call. Next day, Rabia comes to Rahul’s house. Rahul says you…Rabia asks what did you do Rahul? Rahul says I didn’t do anything.


Story 9 Months Ki 16th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nandini comes to meet Alia. Alia asks Sarangdhar who gave him right to take her life’s decisions. Rabia informs Alia that Sarangdhar is her donor. Alia faints hearing this. Sarangdhar tells Kavya that he will never forgive her for her tears. Kavya says you love Alia. Sarangdhar is shocked.

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Telecast Date:15th January 2021
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