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Story 9 Months Ki 13th January 2021 Episode starts with Alia and Rabia seeing Dilse success story on the TV. Veer also watches the news and gets upset. Nitya asks Veer to talk to him and says she wants to share something important with him. She tries to switch off the TV, but Veer stops her. Nitya says I have forgotten that Alia is more important than me. Veer says sorry and goes behind her. He asks her to tell what is the important thing? Nitya says I am pregnant. We are going to be parents. Veer hugs her and says I am going to be father. Alia checks her pregnancy again and it turns out to be Negative. Rabia comes to the hospital and thinks to find out about Alia’s donor. Rahul calls Alia and tells that Veer approached DDS directly. Alia says DDS doesn’t want to work with Veer like client and ends the call. Sarangdhar makes tea in the kitchen. Ramesh asks Sarangdhar what happened? Sarangdhar says Kavya ji….Ramesh says she loves you and tells that it is 100 percent love, she searches for excuses to meet you. He congratulates Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar says I don’t love her, she is just my friend. He thinks of Alia and thinks why am I thinking about her. Ramesh asks did you see someone else. Sarangdhar says no. He tells that he has turned 30 and couldn’t become a full fledge writer till now. He calls Kavya and asks how is she? He then asks if he can meet her in the evening. She says yes. Rabia checks the file and finds Sarangdhar is the donor of Alia. She thinks I was right. She thinks of Alia telling that Sarangdhar is just writer and he can’t be donor, as he has no ethics or class. Rabia panics and drinks water. She thinks Alia’s image is different for the donor and thinks how to tell her that the donor is Sarangdhar, whose name she remembers, but she can’t think of him as the donor. She thinks to inform Alia. She calls Alia and asks how is she? Alia tells that her pregnancy test is negative. Rabia asks her to meet her for lunch. Alia asks if something is related to her pregnancy. Rabia says we will meet for lunch and talk. She gets tensed and thinks how to tell her.

Sarangdhar calls Kamleshwari and tells that he wants her advice. Kamleshwari asks him to tell. Sarangdhar tells that Kavya told him I love you. Kamleshwari gets happy and asks when he will make her meet her. Sarangdhar asks he can’t think of this and wants to become a writer. Kamleshwari tells that if you find a girl who fulfills your dreams, then you shall accept her love. Kamleshwari tells him that his friend has become father again. Sarangdhar says he will never be a father in his life. He ends the call.

Alia asks Rahul to cancel her meetings as she has meeting with Rabia now. Veer comes there, though scarlet tries to stop him. He goes to Alia’s cabin. Rahul says I didn’t book his meeting. Veer says he came to be their client. Rahul says we are not taking any new client. Veer says I think DDS keeps their personal and professional lives separately. All the employees look at them from outside. Sarangdhar also comes there. Alia asks why did he come? Veer asks her to plan a proposal to Nitya. Alia says she can’t do this on a short notice. Veer tells that he wants to propose Nitya as her baby’s father. Alia asks what? Veer says Nitya told me yesterday and I was surprised. He asks her to congratulate him. Alia gets sad. Sarangdhar asks Rahul to stop Veer. Rahul says Alia don’t want anyone to interfere.

Veer laughs and says I am just excited about the future, about my child, who will get both his parents’ love. He says he shall get their love for his better development and I want our relation to get formalize for society. Alia recalls her decision to have the baby and Veer accusing her. He asks will you plan this for me. Sarangdhar asks Scarlet to go and help Alia. Scarlet says she is mature enough. Sarangdhar says she needs help, you can be silent, but not I. He goes to Alia and tells that he needs her help. Veer tells that they are in meeting now. Sarangdhar says he wants her feedback for his write up. Veer asks him to get out. Sarangdhar asks him to get out and tells that the meeting is without appointment. Alia looks on surprised. He asks what kind of misbehaved guy you have appointed? Alia asks Sarangdhar to come and takes him out.

Brij Mohan talks to Kusum’s husband. He says Kusum can handle business. Brij Mohan refuses and tells that Vaid ji is giving medicine for your sasumaa, for another lalla.

Alia asks Sarangdhar what kind of help, he wants. Sarangdhar asks her to give respect to her time too like she gives to her client and says respect is earned and is not served in the plate. He says if you give him time today then he can come to the office at anytime. He asks did this man deserve your time and respect and says he shall be kicked out from here. He says that guy has humiliated you so much, and he shall be humiliated too. He says an example shall be set that the woman is not man’s property. He says I want to tell you this and goes out. Alia asks him to stop and walks out. All the employees look on shocked.


Story 9 Months Ki 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Alia asks Veer to stop expecting favors from her. Sarangdhar tells Rahul that sometimes he feels like knowing her and sometimes not. Alia asks what is your problem with Veer? Sarangdhar tells that he has the problem with everyone who hurts her. later she falls from the table and he holds her.

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Telecast Date:13th January 2021
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