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Story 9 Months Ki 12th January 2021 Episode starts with Aaliya asking Sarangdhar, where is Rahul? Sarangdhar says Rahul ji sent him and said that there is some urgent work. He looks at the messy house. Alia asks him to go and says I will manage. Sarangdhar rings the bell again and shows his diary. She reads if she is in danger? She asks what? Alia tells him about the puppy who is troubling her a lot and says now he went under the bed. Sarangdhar goes to her bedroom and bends down, asks her to help him get it out from under the bed. Alia also bends down to get the puppy. Sarangdhar manages to get the puppy and comes out of the bedroom. Alia tells him that bow is inside the puppy. Sarangdhar asks her not to worry and asks her to bring the milk. He asks what is its name? Alia says puppy. Sarangdhar names him Tafree, while Alia names it Husky. She brings milk bottle and checks if the milk is hot. Sarangdhar gets glad seeing her motherly side. Alia tells that it is the sample bottle for the gift. He says every woman has mother in her. Alia says not all mothers, thinks of her mother.

Kamleshwari talks to Kusum. Kusum tells that Kumkum is happy these days. Kamleshwari asks why are you jealous of her. Kusum shares her problems with her mother. Kamleshwari then calls Vaid ji and asks for help.

Alia tells Sarangdhar that 1 hour has passed. She finds the bow on the floor and says thank God. Sarangdhar says Husky likes its name and cares for you, it knows that you are strict, but cares for it. Alia says she will make it sleep. Sarangdhar asks her to make it sleep like making the baby sleeping. He says when you caress it with your hand, you will feel like caressing a baby. Alia thinks of her pregnancy test and goes to bathroom to test. She talks to the strip and asks her baby to come fast. The strip is negative. Sarangdhar knocks on the bathroom door, and asks her if he can get milk for Husky from her kitchen. Alia says yes. Rabia calls Javed and tells that she is going to Alia’s house. He asks if she got the donor. Rabia says Alia got a good donor. Rabia comes to the flat and rings the bell. Alia opens the door. Rabia says I have come. Alia says Husky and asks why did you come to take it? Rabia says it is my patient’s puppy and her daughter is waiting to play with it. Sarangdhar comes there and sees Rabia. He recalls her seeing her with Alia and tells that she is the one who sprayed in his eyes. He tells that his eyes burnt a lot and tells that day, he was saving her from falling down. Rabia recalls he is the donor and asks Alia to come inside the room. She asks Alia what is the donor doing here? Alia says he is the writer in my office and asks what is she saying. Rabia says he is donor too. They come out and asks what was he doing in the hospital? Sarangdhar says he came for someone’s PhD and don’t tell anything about Rahul or donation. Alia asks him to go. He scolds Rabia for making opinion about him, but doesn’t knowing about him. He kisses puppy and goes.

Kavya tells Nandini about her feelings for Sarangdhar. Her brother says she even calls me Sarang now. Sarangdhar comes there and asks whom you love? Kavya looks at him. Nandini asks her to tell. Kavya says I love my brother. Alia says for once, I thought. She tells that she got the perfect donor and tells that Sarangdhar has no ethics or manners, although he is helpful. Rabia says you mean that I didn’t meet your donor. Alia says I have his pic and shows Rishi’s pic. Kavya and Sarangdhar see Neil in the café. Kavya says if we update that writer Neil is here, then crowd will come here. She asks him to go and talk to Neil for his career. Sarangdhar goes and tries to talk to Neil.

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Telecast Date:12th January 2021
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