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Story 9 Months Ki 12th April 2021 Episode starts with Alia asking Agastya to wear uniform. She gets a message and stops Agastya. She tells that today is a holiday for you, but I have an important meeting today. Agastya says it happens always. Kavya talks to Sarangdhar over the video call and she tells that it is good that he is coming to Mumbai. Sarangdhar says sorry to her for yesterday. Sayuri comes there and tells that she got the airport look and asks if she is looking like Alia. Sarangdhar gets shocked and asks who told you. Sayuri says Dadi and tells that she follows her. Alia thinks where to drop Agastya and calls Rabia, but she is busy. Agastya asks her to call Sunita, but even she is busy. Sarangdhar asks Kamleshwari if she told her about Alia.

Kamleshwari says Alia bhatt. Kamleshwari thinks they shall never meet Alia. The investor tells Alia about Azaad Roy coming to the City. Alia gets excited and thinks she can fulfill her son’s wish now. She gives her idea about making the gifts as Azaad’s franchise. The Investor likes her ideas and tells that DDS is hiring new CEO and if she wants she can give tips to the new CEO. Alia tells that she comes here to work and have nothing to do with new CEO. Kamleshwari gets scared in the flight. Sarangdhar says you had travelled before too. Later Alia calls Nandini while going to pick Aggu and asks Nandini about her chemotherapy session. Nandini says she is recovering due to her support. She asks her to take a small car. Alia says she can’t afford , as Aggu’s fees is much. Nandini offers help, but Alia refuses. Nandini says you had to lose DDS due to Sarangdhar, as you have done so much for him. Alia tells that she didn’t tell him and tells that whatever she did is for her love. She says now love don’t exist.

Alia tells Nandini that she don’t regret even for a minute. She asks Nandini to get well soon so that she can return back to Aggu. Alia and Sarangdhar exchange greetings via chat, unknowingly still. She wishes him best for his trip. He wishes that the loved ones and the dreams stay with her always. Sarangdhar comes to Mumbai with his daughter and Kamleshwari. He admires the house of his basti, where he used to stay with Ramesh and others. Sayuri tells him that the house doesn’t seem to be in Mumbai. He tells that they are in Mumbai. She says there is no beach here, no Amit ji’s house etc. Just then Ramesh comes there and hugs Sarangdhar. He takes them inside. Sayuri asks where is the remaining house. Ramesh says houses are small in Mumbai. Sayuri asks him to take her out.

Alia thinks she couldn’t give good childhood to Agastya. He goes to play in the park. Alia sits on the bench and recalls sitting with Sarangdhar on the same bench and enjoying the sight of butterflies. Sarangdhar comes to the park, holding Sayuri’s hand. Sayuri runs behind the balloons, while Agastya runs behind the butterflies. Sayuri comes to Alia while chasing the balloons while Sarangdhar holds Agastya as he runs to chase the butterflies. He asks why are you running. Agastya tells that he is running to catch the butterflies and gets poetic. Sarangdhar says if I had a son then would have like you. Alia looks at Sayuri and tells that if she had a daughter then she would be like her. Sayuri says if she had any mother then she would resemble her. She says she came with her father and points at Sarangdhar. Agastya also points finger at Alia. However they couldn’t see each other as the balloon come on the way. Alia gets a call and she turns her face.

Sayuri and Agastya find the pebbles in the park. Sayuri takes it from Agastya and runs away. Agastya comes to Alia and tells that a bad girl snatched the pebble, but he met a good uncle. Sayuri tells Sarangdhar that she has met a good aunty and asked her to be her mother. Sarangdhar asks who teaches you all this. He asks her to become Sayuri Pandey. Sarangdhar says he is both father and mother for her. They start walking and walk past each other.


Story 9 Months Ki 13th April 2021 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Sarangdhar comes to drop Sayuri to the school. Agastya hugs him. Sarangdhar gets touched. Later Ramesh asks Kamleshwari to talk to Alia. Kamleshwari calls Alia.

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Telecast Date:12th April 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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