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Story 9 Months Ki 11th January 2021 Episode starts with Alia thinking about what to do. It is 3 am. Sarangdhar talks to the mechanic and the latter goes. He says its ok..Alia ji. Alia cries and says it is not okay Sarangdhar. She cries and her tears fall on her hands…Sarangdhar couldn’t see her sad and crying and asks do you believe in luck? Alia asks him not to irritate her. Sarangdhar says my friend gave it to me and says we shall try it today. He tosses the coin and just then someone comes there on the bike. Sarnagdhar comes infront of the scooter rider. The scooter rider is the milkman. Sarangdhar sees him and tells that he is from Mathura..where milk river flows. The rider turns to be his neighbor who had left home 28 years ago. Sarangdhar tells him that his Madam has to go to Mumbai early morning and asks him to keep her car keys with him, until he returns his scooter. The guy tells that he can’t give his scooter as he has to deliver the milk to his customers. Sarangdhar says he will deliver on his behalf. Alia and Sarangdhar sit on the scooter. Sarangdhar rides the scooter and delivers milk to the customers of the milk man, while Alia is seated on the back seat. Alia looks at him. Sarangdhar also looks at her. He continues riding with her. Rabia calls Sunita and asks about Alia. Sunita says she didn’t come home in night.

Sarangdhar drops Alia outside the hospital at 7:56 am and tells her that he understands that the work is important for her. He gives her lucky coin and asks her to keep it. Alia gets touched and thanks him. She comes to Rabia’s hospital. Rabia asks where was she? Alia says lets do it first. She gets IVF done. After the IVF, Rabia tells that after the month, we will get the pregnancy tested. She says sometimes body rejects. She asks her not to worry. Sarangdhar is sitting at the tea shop and gets the feeling of baby crying. He gets tensed.

After 10 days, Alia checks for her pregnancy and it is negative. Rabia asks her not to worry and tells that the pregnancy will be positive. She tells that her donor is so good, like she wants him to be and he is so good looking too. She plans surprise for Alia to de-stress her.

Nandini Sharma comes to Kavya. Kavya tells about her crush on Sarangdhar. Nandini asks her to confess it to him. Kavya says that moment came for what I was waiting for. She lets her hair open and go to propose Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar comes there holding the tray. Kavya tells that she wants to tell him and takes the tray. Sarangdhar says it was about to fall. Kavya says I won’t let it break and keeps hand on his chest. She says I got benefitted because of you. Sarangdhar says joke. Kavya thinks to propose love to him. Nandini smiles.

Alia talks to Sunita on call and asks her to take leave if her daughter is unwell. She tells that she will talk to her family pediatrician and asks her to go there. Doorbell rings. Alia sees Dog in the box, who gets inside. Rabia calls her and tells that she thought to divert her attention, and that’s why she sent puppy to her. Alia says I have so much work and asks her to come and take it back. Rabia says I will take it in the evening and asks her to take care of puppy till night. Rahul is in the car with Mala. Alia calls him. Mala asks if Alia calls you at anytime. Rahul says yes and picks the call. Alia asks him to come to her house right away. Rahul says you gave me half day off. Alia cancels his off and asks him to come to her house right now. Rahul says ok.

Kavya waits for Sarangdhar outside his house and pretends to go past him on her scooter, just as he is about to come. Sarangdhar sees her and asks what is she doing here? She asks if he is not going to office. He says he was going. She tells that she came to deliver Tofu Sandwich, but the door is locked. Sarangdhar jokes. Alia talks to her employee about the gifts and designs. She asks puppy to be silent and eat the biscuits. Sarangdhar is riding on the scooter with Kavya, when someone calls him and he says what? Alia sees puppy swallowing her slippers’ flowers and thinks oh God, if something happen to it. Door bell rings. She thinks Rahul came and opens the door. She sees Sarangdhar and says you. Sarangdhar smiles.


Story 9 Months Ki 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarangdhar asks Alia to help him get the puppy out of the sofa or bed. Alia looks at the pregnancy strip and waits for her baby to come fast. Rabia comes home and sees him there. She asks Alia what her donor is doing in her house. Alia is shocked.

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Telecast Date:11th January 2021
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