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Story 9 Months Ki 10th February 2021 Episode starts with Alia calling Mathura times and tells that she wants information about their old employee Sarangdhar. Durandhar tells that he didn’t know about him and tells that if he gets to know then will call him. Brij Mohan comes to the Mathura times office and asks if they come to know about his lalla. Durandhar says no and tells that he didn’t know, but they got many fan mails for him. Brij mohan says they have provoked my lalla and asks them to inform him if he comes to know about him. He goes. Other reporter asks Durandhar what was his son’s name. Durandhar says lalla. Mala calls Alia and asks if she is coming? Alia says she keeps her promise. She sits in the car and calls Param, asking him to sanction Mala’s loan. Param says who will repay it as she is leaving. Alia asks him to just sanction it.

Sarangdhar is driving the car and thinks she is so good hearted, even though she looks strict. She does her make up in the car. Sarangdhar looks at her while the song ek ladki ko plays….He picks up her stuff and gives to her, whatever fall down in the car. Alia doesn’t see him. She gets down the car and sees Sarangdhar. She says you are here. Sarangdhar says you had only asked me to stay with you for 3 days. He goes to Rahul and hugs him. Rahul cries and says one sided love came to an end. Sarangdhar asks him to forget Mala for her happiness. Alia comes there and asks Rahul why is he crying? Rahul says he wants to die as his life is not going well. Alia motivates to get what he wants and chases it until he gets it. Rahul thanks Alia. Alia asks him to talk to Sarangdhar if he wants as he likes to interfere in everyone’s talks. Sarangdhar tells Alia that she did helped Rahul even after the goof up and motivated him. Alia says yes. Sarangdhar tells that he likes her tied hairs. Alia says even you are looking good. Sarangdhar goes inside. Alia opens her hairs, as he likes her tied hairs. He comes to help Kavya and calls her Alia ji. She says she is Kavya and tells that she don’t want to take his help. Sarangdhar says you have the right to take my help being my friend. She sings song. He also sings with her.

Mala introduces Ashish to Alia. Ashish gets impressed with her and says beauty with brains. Mala says he knows how to keep everyone happy. Editor comes to the office. Durandhar says Pandey ji came to ask about his son. Editor says he had troubled Kaviraj so much. Durandhar says some Alia called to ask about Sarangdhar. Editor says Kaviraj is Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar dances on the song main tenu leke jawunga in the function with Mala, Ashish and others. Kavya dances with Sarangdhar. Rahul goes to Mala and says I want to talk to you. Mala asks him to say. Rahul says I love you. Sarangdhar comes to Alia and asks her to dance. Alia says if someone push then? Sarangdhar says I will handle you and our baby. Alia comes to dance with him. Kavya goes away seeing them dancing.

Mala says I love you too and tells that once she settled down in US, then she will call him there. She asks him to accept that he likes guys. Ashish takes Mala from there. Rahul is shocked. Sarangdhar holds Alia’s while someone’s hand is about to touch her while dancing. She gets a phone call from Mathura times and goes to attend it. Durandhar asks Alia if she wants to know about Pandey ji’s Lalla. She says no, Sarangdhar. Durandhar says Lalla is Sarangdhar pandey. Brij Mohan comes there and takes the call. He says he is Sarangdhar’s father. Alia tells that Sarangdhar is in Mumbai and tells that she don’t need him here. She says she has an offer for him and tells something. Brij Mohan says ok. Alia ends the call and says Sarangdhar, you have to return to Mathura. Sarangdhar continues to dance.

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Telecast Date:10th February 2021
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