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Spy Bahu 6th May 2022 Sejal tells Vyom I am not comfortable dancing with you. He still dances with her. She says I have to go. Yohan looks at them Aleesha says they’re enjoying their time. She works so hard let her enjoy. Sejal says I respected your request but let me go now. Minal is waiting for Jatin.

Jatin’s mom says please call her and ask her to come home. Sejal tries to pick the phone but it falls. Minal is on call. Vyom comes near Sejal. sejal slaps him. Aleesha shouts how dare you. Sejal says he deserved it for making me uncomfortable. Sejal says you rich people think you can get away with anything? The next time he makes someone uncomfortable he will think of this slap.

Yohan recalls how Mahira fought with a guy who tried to snatch her chocolate. Mahira said the same thing this would teach him a lesson next time he tried to snatch. Minal is on call listening to everything. Shalini says the media is here. Our family will defamed that now servants are slapping us.

Aleesha asks Yohan to make sejal apologize to Vyom. Yohan says to Vyom Aleesha has asked for a sorry so here it is. He slaps Vyom. Yohan picks Sejal’s phone and apologizes to her. Aarun shouts what’s going on here?

Yohan says a crime. Your guest was trying to molest a girl. Aleesha says girls like her try to create drama with rich guys so they get money. Yohan says do you feel any shame saying such things for a girl? Aleesha says really? Ask her if she’s so innocent why is there your name on her pam? She shows Sejal’s hands to everyone.

Minal comes to Nanda mansion. Sejal is shocked. Minal says maa listen let me explain. This is a misunderstanding. Minal says you’ve been lying to us all this time? Aleesha says now her poor mother is also here to take advantage too.

Sejal shouts at her and says if I can slap your brother for misbehaving with me imagine what can I do to you for mistreating mom. Yohan says to Minal sorry aunty we’ve met before but in a different situation. Minal recalls meeting Yohan as driver and he said she works at Nandan mansion. Yohan says sorry to Minal on Aleesha’s behalf and says sorry to Sejal.

Aarun says why are you saying sorry? This girl will apologize for misbehaving with our guests. Minal says I am proud of what my daughter and took a stand for herself. Aarun says your daughter is a servant here and we pay for her expenses not to slap our guests. We could pay her more for entertaining our guests.

Vera says what are you saying. Yohan looks at him in anger. Minal throws her bangles at Aarun and says here take your payment. Sejal tries to calm Minal down. Minal breaks the plate and sauce falls on Aarun. She says how dare you expect my daughterr to tolerate this behavior with her?

Aarun calls secuirty and asks them to kick them out. Yohan asks Minal to take her bangles or this will be a curse that another mother was insulted here. Minal says to Aarun one day the same will happen to your kids. Yohan says to Aarun today you’ve hurt another mother like you hurt my mom so many times. Minal drags Sejal out. Sejal tries to calm her down. Minal says we’re not stopping here for a second. Let’s go home.

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Telecast Date:6th May 2022
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