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Spy Bahu 5th May 2022 Sejal prepares mehndi for Aleesha. Minal is at house waiting for Sejal for her mehndi. Aleesha shouts where is my mehndi. Shalini says you think Sejal would let anything go right with your marriage? Sejal comes with Mehndi. She slips, Yohan holds her. Shalini says see how she always comes near Yohan.

Aleesha shouts at Sejal and says why don’t you find a servant like yourself and get married if you’re so much into the marriage rituals. Or you can’t find even a servant to marry you and hence trying to spoil my events? Sejal says I am getting married myself and it’s my mehndi as well today but I am here doing my job. Drishti says congrats Sejal. I am very happy for you.

Scene 2
Sejal comes home and tries to wash off the mehndi from her hands. Minal says get ready fast, everyone is waiting. The mehndi artists asks name of the groom. Sejal thinks about heer mission and says Y.. Minal says who’s Y? She says I mean Jatin. Minal asks Sejal is that the name of the guy who dropped you?

Do you have anything with him? Do you talk to him? Sejal says no mom there’s no one in my life. Minal says how will you justify this Y to Jatin? Jatin comes in. He says don’t worry over a letter.. We’re getting married anyway. It won’t stop them from getting married. At night, Jatin asks Sejal was Y really a mistake?

Sejal says yes it was only a mistake. She says the next 6 days are the most important days of my life. I won’t be able to sleep. Jatin says try sleeping. He wishes her good night and leaves. Sejal sees the footage of camera she placed in Yohan’s room.

Scene 3
Yohan picks his mom’s photo and says I don’t want to marry Aleesha. I don’t like her at all. Sejal wonders why is he getting married then if he doesn’t like her? Yohan says I said yes to this marriage so Aarun accepts Drishti and her marriage as a trade. Yohan says we don’t have you, we have no love and support from our father.

We don’t have a single person we can call family in this world and share our problems with. Yohan picks Mahira’s picture and says I can leave everything for you. Why don’t you come to me. Sejal prays Yohan’s chapter ends from her life soon and she finds Fareed. She says a person like him shouldn’t get the love of his life.

Scene 4
Sangeet preparations start at Nanda mansion. Aleesha’s brother comes too. He teases Shalini. Krish says to Aleesha you can still marry me you have time. Aleesha laughs and asks Sejal to start the preparations. Vyom comes near Sejal and says I didn’t know Nanda mansion has such pretty servants too. Aleesha says she’s Yohan’s personal assistant and they both laugh. Vyom says to Sejal come dance with me. Aleesha says come Sejal let me teach you some steps. Aleesha sees Y in Sejal’s hands.


Spy Bahu 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vyom misbehaves with Sejal while dancing. Sejal warns him, but he doesn’t stop. Sejal slaps Vyom.

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Telecast Date:5th May 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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