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Spy Bahu 3rd May 2022 Yohan says why did you come here? She says I am your personal assistant. I had to be there, it’s my job. I didn’t know there would be such dangerous people here who would put a gun on me. She gets teary. Yohan gives her a tissue. She says what were you doing with such dangerous people?

She gets a call from Minal. Minal says come home, your dad can’t save you from my anger today. Yohan hears it. He says let’s go. He drops Sejal at her place. Sejal returns his napkin. He says keep it, your mom would scold you and then you will cry again. Sejal says thank you sir. He leaves. Minal sees them. Sejal says I was so close to Fareed today.

Jatin and family are home. They ask pandit ji for the date. Minal asks Sejal who was that guy? Do you have an affair?

Saras says stop scolding her. Let’s go sit with Pandit ji. Pandit ji says the best date is after 6 days. If it doesn’t happen then, I will never happen. Minal says we will not let that happen. She asks Sejal are you ready? Sejal agrees. They all congratulate each other. Sejal recalls she also has 6 days to find Fareed.

Scene 2
Minal comes to the temple and prays for Sejal. She says I scolded my daughter a lot. Please bless my Sejal. All her work stress goes away. I hope she stays happy. Aleesha’s mom is also there. She says your daughter is also getting married? My daughter is also getting married. I can understand how you feel. Our baba ji is coming to give her and her husband. Bring your daughter and SIL too. He will give them blessings too. Minal says I will.

Scene 3
Aleesha calls Yohan and says if you ignore me again I will do anything. He says I told you I have an important meeting. He says I am coming in 15 minutes. She says I am counting every second. Yohan sees adhaan happening.

The pooja starts at Aleesha’s place. Baba ji comes. Veera says where is Yohan? Aarun says I don’t know. Minal and Saras come there. Aleesha’s mom welcomes her. sejal sees a mosque. She goes there. Veera and Aarun are waiting for Yohan. Aleesha’s mom introduces Minal and says it’s her daughter’s wedding too. She wants to get her daughter blessed too. Minal gives Sejal and Jatin’s photo.

Sejal and Yohan both come to the same mosque. they both pray together. Sejal and Yohan’s photo gets together in front of baba ji and he blesses them together. Sejal and yohan pray together at the mosque. Yohan recalls how Mahira taught him to pray at the mosque. They both tie thread on the wall. sejal says I know I will find my Fareed bhai. Fareed also comes there. He prays as well.

Sejal and yohan both are standing near the wall. Fareed also comes there. He touches the same thread. Sejal sees a mark on his hand. She recalls Fareed’s birth mark. Sejal tries to follow him but he leaves..

She comes in front of a car. Yohan saves her. Yohan says why can’t you see? Sejal says why did you stop me? He says you could die. Sejal says you don’t care about other people’s lives. You can risk anyone’s life for your benefit. Stay away from me and my family. He says what are you saying? Drishti calls Yohan. He says I am coming.

Minal asks Veera are you the same Nanda mansion people? veera says have you ever come there? She says no I’ve heard of you a lot. Veera says this is my son Krish. Minal says stay happy in your married life. Krish is shocked. Baba ji gives them blessings. He says come in line with all the couples. Aleesha says to Yohan you’re five minutes late.

But you look so hot, I can’t be mad. He says I didn’t want to come. She says don’t try me. They go for blessings. Sejal comes. She says this is Aleesha’s house. Mom came here? Minal says where were you? Sejal says I was stuck in traffic. Minal says Jatin couldn’t come due to some work. You take the blessings. Sejal slips while Yohan is touching baba ji’s feet. He touches their heads together.


Spy Bahu 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aleesha drags Sejal aside and scolds her, she says to her we don’t keep a cheap girl like you even as a servant and you came here for Babaji’s blessings.Sejal says to her, why do you think I like your fiance, and never will.

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Telecast Date:3rd May 2022
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