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Spy Bahu 3rd August 2022 Episode starts with Fake Mahira/Ahana telling Yohan that a sister might get the proof which Police officers didn’t get. Sejal is shocked. Yohan leaves her hand and tells Mahira that he will take her there.

Sejal thinks she has planned something, I shall go with them. She says sorry to Mahira. Mahira holds her hand and says Aapa. Sejal says shall I come with you, I want Abhishek jiju to get justice. Yohan says we shall take Sejal, she is very wise. Minal thinks she can’t take risk of lighting the stove and thinks to order food from outside.

Just then someone knocks on the door. She opens the door and finds a box. She opens it and finds Saras’s watch and his shirt with blood on it. She is shocked. Saras comes home and sees Minal crying. He asks what is all this?

Sejal is about to leave with Mahira and Yohan, when Minal calls Sejal and tells her about the threat. Sejal says she will do something. Yohan asks Sejal to come. Sejal says she can’t come as she has to help Bamba in the project. He says Bamba didn’t tell me. Mahira smirks. Yohan says I am going for Mahira, nothing will be found.

Veera is in the secret room and tells Aarti’s skeleton and tells that Sejal has forgotten that she needs help. She says Yohan will be her biggest enemy and says what could be the good news than this. Sejal calls Tana ji and tells him that Veera Nanda sent blood soaked clothes to her house in Jamnagar. She says there might be bomb there.

He asks shall I send bomb squad. Sejal says no, I shall diffuse the bomb sitting here, and tells that they have to do something so that Veera Nanda don’t watch the CCTV footage for sometime. Veera is watching Saras and Minal. Tana ji says I will distract her for sometime. He asks her to be careful and says you might lose your family.

SK’s team member calls Veera and tells that Krish is arrested. Veera goes from there. Tana ji calls Sejal and says Veera is coming there to get Krish freed, and says you don’t have much time. Sejal calls Minal and Saras and asks her to show the house so that she can find out what is kept where? Sejal finds cameras in the house and says if we try to remove it, then Veera Nanda will get the message.

Yohan tells Mahira that he had stopped car here. Mahira asks why? He says photo shoot was going on here, and says why didn’t I think before? Mahira says who were they? Yohan says I will call SK. Mahira coughs and asks for water, so that she can stop him from calling SK. They go to a shop to get water. She takes water and drinks.

Veera asks the lady constable what happened? Lady constable says your son broke the signal and hit a guy. Krish says he didn’t do anything. Veera gives her money. She says it will take time and asks her to sit. Krish says we shall leave fast.

Veera asks him to sit quiet. She says she left important work to come here. Sejal asks Saras and Minal to apply tape to the cameras so that the footage gets blurred, and this way no alert will be sent to her. Veera tries to check the footage, but there is no network.

Mahira asks the seller if he keeps the cart daily. yohan asks about the film shoot. The seller says yes, I know and says the photographer had come to my shop, and transferred money to me online. Yohan asks for his number. He gives him number. Mahira and the guy smirk who posed to be the pan seller.

She recalls hiring him to give the number. She thinks soon you will be out Sejal. Sejal says now we have to find the bomb and says we have to search a place where the bomb can be stick. Mahira says it is of no use to call Police. Yohan says ok. They leave to go to photographer. Tana ji’s man calls him and informs him. Tana ji informs SK that Yohan is behind solving the Abhishek’s case,

and says he said that Yohan talked to the cart seller, and he went from there. SK says as far as I remember, there was no cart seller and nothing till far. Tana ji says don’t know, but this is done by Veera Nanda. He says we shall alert Sejal, as Yohan is following some lead in Abhishek’s case.

Sejal asks Saras to show the place near him. He shows her. Sejal asks him to move back and Zoom. She finds bomb under the table, and thinks such bombs blast with a slightest movement. Saras asks what to do now? Sejal says we have to diffuse the bomb, I will help you. Tana ji tells SK that Sejal is busy, and saving her family now, and tells that yohan might be reaching the planted proof.

SK asks the photographer. The photographer says something might be captured. Mahira says show the photos. They see the photos. Sejal asks Saras to see the red color wire and cut it with strength. She says it will not blast with any remote. Saras says I can’t do it. Sejal recalls SK telling her about the bomb which is made at home.

She asks if I show you the parts, then will you diffuse it. Saras says I will learn for my family. Sejal asks him to remove the bomb slowly. He takes it out. She asks them to stay, and says she will come. She brings the bomb parts kit which she got during training. She recalls SK telling that if she is in danger and if they can’t reach here, then do the blast with this kit and escape from there. fb ends. Sejal says I never thought that I will have to save your lives using this kit.

Yohan changes the pic. Mahira makes him see the pic in which Tana ji’s men are taking Sejal away from there. yohan asks the photographer to Zoom it and sees Sejal’s face. Mahira smirks. Yohan says she is Sejal.


Spy Bahu 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yohan asks Sejal to tell truth to him and says if you was with Abhishek at his time of death, then why did you hide this from me. Sejal says I wanted to tell you the truth and says Abhishek was a terrorist and I am not just your wife, but a spy sent by Indian Intelligence bureau. She says she had come to spy in his house. Yohan is shocked.

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Telecast Date:3rd August 2022
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