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Spy Bahu 31st May 2022 The nurse calls Sejal and tells her Saras met an accident. Sejal is shocked. Shalini says to Aleesha you’re making it easy for Sejal with your anger. Aleesha says I will kill her. Shalini says you and I can be a team and kick her out in a day.

After that I will help you get married to Yohan and you can help me get Shail a share in the business. Aleesha says I don’t like you either. Shalini says I am not your fan either but we’ve to make compromises for a mutual enemy. They shake hands.

Sejal comes to the hospital. She sees Saras in tears. Minal is shocked to see her. Sejal hugs Minal. Sejal says don’t cry. Saras says my daughter.. Sejal cries and says papa will be fine. He’s will be okay. Don’t forget we’re Kotariya’s. We don’t give up. Sejal hugs him. Sejal says are you okay? She looks at Bamba and says don’t cry.

She hugs him. Sejal was imagining it. Sejal says are you okay? It’s a few bruises. I was your emergency contact so I had to leave work and come. She acts cold. Minal drags her out. She says why are you here? You only hurt us. He can’t see your reality. Sejal says mummy.. Minal says I am not your mom anymore. Please go from here. Sejal sits down and cries.

Bamba comes to Sejal. Sejal hugs him and cries. He says dad will be okay. She says how are you? How are your studies? He says I will take our update from dad. Jeju and I are friends. He tells me all the updates about you. Don’t worry. We will convince mom. Sejal leaves an audio device in his bag. He says I love you. Sejal says keep updating me and don’t tell anyone.

Scene 2
Abhishek meets his terrorists. He says the city we will meet in is Mumbai. He gives them all tasks. He says we can’t be scared. We have to take revenge. A terrorist says the ones we will kill are innocent. He says our parents were innocent too. They will pay for our losses. He shoots the guy.

Scene 3
Sejal comes home. Sejal asks servant where is everyone? She says at Aleesha’s place for a dinner.
Sejal is in the room. Vyom comes there and says hello.. She says what are you doing here? He says to take revenge of that slap. She says gets out of here. He says no one is here other than us. I sent the guard away too. Sejal slaps him.

He grabs her. Sejal screams for help. He sprays pepper in her eyes. Sejal screams with pain. She tries to run with closed eyes and fall. Vyom comes close to her. Sejal falls here and there looking for help. He tears her sleeve. Sejal screams for help. Vyom locks the door.

Vyom locks the door. Sejal locks herself in the closet. Vyom says open the door. Sejal recalls when her mom in Kashmir locked her in a closet. Yohan opens the closet. He takes Sejal out. Sejal panics.. She hugs him and cries. Sejal says he was.. She sobs. Yohan thinks about Bamba and says nothing will happen. She cries. Yohan gives his jacket to her. Sejal cries. Yohan hugs her. Sejal says Vyom..

Yohan gives her water. Sejal says my eyes.. He washes her eyes and hugs her. Vyom is tied in a sofa. Yohan hits him. Yohan says how dare you. He throttles Vyom. Yohan takes Vyom downstairs and shoves him. Yohan keeps hitting him. Everyone tries to stop him.

Aleesha stops Yohan and says what happened? Vyom are you okay? Abhishek says Yohan what’s the reason? Yohan says he tried to force himself of Sejal. Everyone is shocked.

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