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Spy Bahu 27th September 2022 Episode starts with Sejal telling SK that how did Ahana came to know where yohan is staying, as Yohan himself was not aware that his hotel will change. SK says who can help Ahana. Sejal says we have to go to the hotel and check. They go to the hotel.

The manager refuse to show them CCTV footage as the investigation is going on. Sk asks him to show the bills of his service which he had taken and who has come to meet him. The manager refuses to say. SK tells Sejal that the building’s three floors are illegal. The manager says he can give the bill.

Sejal and SK see the bill in which it is written that yohan had ordered two pasta and champagne. SK says if Yohan knew that Ahana would be coming. Sejal tells him that when she was talking to Yohan on video call, he was drinking soup as he had soup. She says someone made the fake bills.

SK says someone from the hotel might be involved. She looks at the waiter and goes. The waiter calls Arbaaz and tells that Sejal had come and have seen the fake bills which they got made. Arbaaz says you will get your money.

Shabnam Gulati calls Inspector. Inspector says you will get all the info about the case and tells Yohan that Shabnam Gulati have never lost any case till then. Sejal tells SK that she couldn’t find any lead till now. SK asks her to call at the first hotel where Yohan had done booking.

Sejal calls the hotel and the receptionist checks and tells that they have never cancelled the hotel booking, and tried to reach him, but his phone was off. Sejal tells SK about it. She says when I was talking to him, he was drinking soup, when door was knocked and he opened the door.

She says Ahana must be on the door. She says she must have started on the plan when she came to know that Yohan is in that hotel. SK says who can be with her. Sejal says Arbaaz, Ahana’s lover. She says we have another way and asks him to talk to Veera Nanda to get some info from her. SK says he will try, she is habitual to lavish lifestyle that she will do anything to get out of jail.

SK comes to meet Veera. Veera says today patriot officer came to meet criminal. He says you are not less than intelligence officer, if criminal is removed. Veera asks what do you think that I will help you against Ahana. SK says if you help us then we will help you too with the case. veera says I had said that the game is not yet over, and asks him to get lost. She says tell Ahana that Sir ji is very happy with her, and my blessings are with her.

Sejal shows the sketch of Arbaaz to Inspector. Inspector tells that the case will be fought by Shabnam Gulati. He says medical report is against your husband then also you are supporting him.

Sejal says that hotel booking was not cancelled, someone gave him wrong info. Inspector says he must have shifted to another hotel to call the girl there. Sejal says this is the important lead which you are missing, as she is a girl and complaining about the man. She says if I accuse you fakely, and if the law says that it can happen, then will that work for you. She says that this is the important lead.

Inspector asks Constable to ask the informer to get info about him. Sejal says I will come with you. Inspector refuses to take her. Sejal says she can’t sit at home. SK says I will be with her. Inspector says ok. Sejal thanks him. She prays for Yohan’s safety at home. Arun asks how we will arrange lawyer in 2 days and asks someone to take the case hearing date after 2 days.

Sejal comes to him and asks what happened. Arun tells that their lawyer back out and the case hearing is in 2 days. Sejal asks if there is no lawyer. Arun says media made him villain that no lawyer will fight the case. He tells that Police have hired Shabnam Gulati for Ahana. Shabnam Gulati tells that all the criminals will be scared of her.

Ahana says yohan will try to get the case in favor of him and says she had respect which Yohan. Shabnam says this will be the last tears which you will shed, and tells that she has heard that Yohan didn’t get any lawyer. Arun tells Sejal that they couldn’t find any lawyer after reports came positive, says from where we will get lawyer. Sejal thinks to ask Inspector Sahay.

Later Sejal and Inspector are in the car. SK is hiding somewhere there. Sejal asks if the informer’s lead is right. Inspector says yes. He asks everyone to take their places as Arbaaz might be coming. Arbaaz comes there to meet the waiter of the hotel. The waiter takes the money.

Arbaaz says remaining money will be transferred to your account and asks him to be underground until the case is over. Waiter says ok and says he will go. Inspector, Sejal and others come there. Inspector says handsup Arbaaz. Waiter runs away. Sejal asks him to surrender. Arbaaz throws stone at Inspector’s hand. Sejal tries to stop him. Arbaaz pushes her and runs.

Inspector asks Sejal if she is fine? Sejal says she is fine. She tells Inspector that he was waiter whom Arbaaz had come to meet. SK says you have to arrest waiter. Sejal comes home. The media is waiting for her, and says she shall feel ashamed to support rapist husband. Sejal says you shall be ashamed to give your judgement to prove innocent guy guilty. She says she will prove him innocent and will search a lawyer too.


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Telecast Date:27th September 2022
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