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Spy Bahu 27th May 2022 Sejal tells SK she found bomb things in that room. SK is shocked. He says there’s a business investor team coming from Nanda mansion. One of them is a terrorist. We’ve to find him. Arun coughs, Sejal makes tea for him. She asks the servant to give it to him. He feels better.

Saras says no. Minal says we will go back to Jamnagar tomorrow. Saras says I am not leaving my daughter alone here. Minal says for a stranger girl I can’t ruin my son’s future. He hasn’t gone to school. Saras says she’s our daughter. Baa says she doesn’t care. saras says she cares that’s why when..

Baa gets a text. She says didn’t get me glasses and was giving her a gift. Bamba takes the phone and sees a photo of Yohan kissing Sejal. He dances and laughs. He says my result is out I passed. They are happy. Bamba looks at the photo. Yohan sees the photo and says, stubborn kid. Sejal comes. He hides his phone.

Sejal thinks he’s hiding something related to his plan. Sejal sits next to him. Yohan ignores her and reads the newspaper. Sejal peeks in the paper. He says mind your own business. She says did you sleep well with Aleesha? Were there mosquitoes? He says let me do my work. Sejal tries to steal his phone. She steals his phone and goes out.

Sejal tries to open his phone. She guesses passcodes. Yohan is doing his breakfast. Yohan realizes his phone isn’t there. He says Sejal will see the photo. Sejal enters Drishti’s birthday. The phone opens. Yohan comes and says how dare you to touch my phone. Give it back. She says I wanna buy the same phone.

The phone falls. Sejal sees the photo. She’s shocked. Sejal says what is this? Do you have any shame? We’re married so you will not regard my consent? He says I had to do it for Bmaba. He tells her everything about the blanket. Yohan says he wasn’t eating. Call and ask him. Sejal says in her heart my Bamba cares so much for me.

He says I didn’t want to break a child’s heart by telling him his sister’s reality so I had to do it. He leaves. Sejal says one good thing for Bamba won’t wash your sins. You’re murderer of Sohail and Farid. You will pay for your sins.

Scene 2
Krish mixes a drug in Aleesha’s cake. Krish says I am much better than Yohan. Yohan is married to Sejal. She says shut up. I want him with more passion now. He says you can’t have fun with Yohan. He will never let you enjoy.. when we marry.. She says I will only marry Yohan. Thanks for the idea. I can’t wait to do it.

Arun gets ready. Yohan comes to him. He fixes his tie and says I suggest you stay at home. Some delegates are coming. They’re the ones for whom you wanted me to marry Aleesha. I couldn’t marry her but I didn’t forget my promise. It’s their file. I called them home for a better relationship. He says sometimes I feel like you’re my son too. You will get credit for this deal of billions. Yohan says I don’t want them.

I only want you to be nice to Drishti. Arun says I care for you. I am your dad. Yohan says anything else? Arun says nothing just today show them the power and class of Nandas. Aleesha says, sure uncle. Yohan will show them power, I will show them, class, and they will be impressed. That Sejal is a problem. I hope she doesn’t do any drama. I will handle her don’t worry. I am the unofficial DIL of this house after it. Arun says thank you.

Scene 3
Farid calls his manager and says our secret member is coming to Nanda mansion. Our mission of freedom is close to reality. We will be heard till Kashmir. Sejal comes. Farid asks what happened? Why are you using a backdoor? She says I am going to the temple. He says not really. I know your truth..

Sejal is shocked. She says what truth? Farid says you’re planning to teach Aleesha a lesson? She says no. He says do it then. We’re outsiders here, we’ve to make our place in this house. Agreed? He gives her high five. Sejal says agreed. He says all the best. Sejal says I hope we both succeed in our plans. He says yes.

Sejal takes an auto. Saras follows her but he misses her in the market. Sejal comes to the momos shop. She says to SK sorry sir I couldn’t copy his phone. He says it was so important. Tanhaji has gone to the village. Don’t forget the price you had to pay to enter that house. You’re away from your parents.

Sejal says you’re right. I won’t repeat this mistake. Don’t we have another way.. He says yes we have a plan. He gives her a device and says to record all delegates. You can control it from your phone. He says as soon as this mission ends, you can meet your family again. Sejal says I need one help. Saras is outside but he can’t see Sejal. Sejal sees him in camera. She says what is papa doing here?

Sejal meets Saras. She says what are you doing here? Following me. He says no no I was missing you. I know I’ve no right on you. Sejal says you saw me right? She leaves. Saras says Bamba spoke highly of Yohan. Are you happy? Sejal says I am doing all this for my happiness. He says I wish you could tell me why are you pretending. You can tell me, your dad will understand. Sejal says I am not pretending.

I am grown up. I want freedom. He says you are lying. You wore Minal’s saree on your reception. Sejal says what I said that day I thought you would feel better. I wore it for my publicity. People would say how cultured I am.

He says put your hand on my head and say you’re not lying. She says your emotional things bother me. He says promise me.. She says your promise. She crosses her other fingers. Saras is shocked. Sejal says you are wasting my time. I’ve to go to salon. She leaves in tears.

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