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Spy Bahu 26th September 2022 Episode starts with Sejal asking inspector if Ahana told you that she had feigned to be Mahira to enter house and was acting to be Abhishek’s sister. Inspector says she told us.

Sejal says she wants to read her statement. Inspector says they can’t show her statement to the accused family. SK asks when Yohan will be taken for the test. Inspector says they will be taking him to city hospital for test. He says Ahana’s report came and tells that she is molested. Sejal insists to meet Yohan.

Inspector lets her meet him. Lawyer tells Arun about Ahana’s medical report and says they shall see what comes in Yohan’s report. Shalini asks Arun that Yohan will be freed soon. Krish says if Yohan Bhai have done wrong with her. Arun says he is sure that Yohan can’t do anything in his conscious state, and says I have ruined my life for Veera,

and will not let Yohan’s life to be ruined. Shalini says we all are with him, and more than us, Yohan’s big strength Sejal is with him. Sejal comes inside to meet Yohan. Yohan hugs her and apologizes to her. Sejal says you can’t do anything and asks him to think happened. Yohan says she had come to my room and started misbehaving with me. He says then I was feeling drowsy and fainted.

He says she had mixed something in my soup before coming to my room. He says I don’t know how these marks came on my body and says when I couldn’t believe myself, what I will tell you. Sejal says you can’t be wrong and says I trust you fully and asks him to trust himself. Yohan thanks Sejal for believing him in such a situation.

SK tells Sejal that he got Ahana’s statement recording, and says it is not allowed, but he got it as it was necessary for them. Sejal feels dizzy. SK makes her sit and says I worry seeing your state. He gives her water. Sejal drinks and asks him to play Ahana’s statement. They watch the video.

Ahana tells that Veera Nanda hired her to play Mahira, Yohan’s best friend. She says she didn’t know that Veera was a terrorist. She tells that she felt bad, but continued the drama. She tells that Yohan shared his pain after his wife presumed death, and she fell in love with him. She says he tried to get closer to her, but she said that they have future if they get married. She says they were about to marry.

Inspector says then Sejal returned. He asks why did you go to meet him in that hotel. Ahana says she wanted to go away from here, wanted to leave Nanda house, but was scared that Veera Nanda would get her killed. She says she went to Yohan to get sympathy from him. She asks for water and drinks.

Inspector asks her to tell what he did. Ahana says before I could tell him truth, he pushed me on the bed with force, and then hit me and ruined my respect. She shows the marks on her hand and forehead. Inspector asks her to calm down and drink water. Video ends.

SK asks Sejal not to take stress. Sejal says it is not true. SK says the marks on Ahana’s body can’t be fake. Sejal says Yohan can’t raise hand on any woman. Sk says this is your love? Sejal says yes, his statement is incomplete, but my love is truthful. Sejal says she will find the proofs.

The doctor examines Yohan’s nail marks on his body. Inspector says Yohan’s report came. Sejal says now you will be sure that my husband is innocent. Yohan asks what is in the report. Inspector says it is written that Ahana’s claims are not fake, you have really molested Ahana.

Sejal looks at Yohan. Inspector says the nail marks on his body has Ahana’s DNA cells and Ahana’s injuries has his DNA cells. He says now the case will be made on him for molesting Ahana. Sejal is shocked. Inspector says shift him with other prisoners. Arun gets angry. Inspector threatens to arrest him.

Arun says you are threatening me. SK says please Arun ji. Sejal says law says that 1 innocent shall not be punished, even if 100 criminals get punished. Inspector says but yohan is guilty. Arun says we will challenge this in court and asks Yohan not to worry. Yohan is taken to the lock up.

Yohan says I don’t deserve your trust. Sejal says you love me and our baby, then don’t feel yourself guilty, and says I will get you out from here. yohan says all proofs are against me. Sejal says I will do anything and will get you out from here, I promise. Yohan keeps hand on her tummy.

Sejal says hichki is asking you to have strength and not to let your courage break. She asks him to agree. Inspector asks her to leave and don’t force us. Sejal asks Yohan not to cry, and says I love you. Yohan says I love you too. Sejal says I will come soon. She goes.

Sejal comes out of the PS and recalls Inspector’s words. SK comes there and says we have to think logically, nail marks were found on her body, we don’t know how this has happened? Sejal says Yohan told me that his assistant had booked a hotel, whose booking was cancelled and then he has to go to another hotel.

She says point is that, how did Ahana know about the hotel, when Yohan himself didn’t know that he has to change his hotel. She says someone is with her. SK says who can be with her? Sejal looks on. Veera is in jail and smiling.


Spy Bahu 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Arun tells that Shabnam Gulati is the lawyer who has never lost the case. Sejal meets her. The lawyer says you shall be jailed too for supporting your husband. Yohan says he will fight the case for their baby.

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Telecast Date:26th September 2022
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